However, maybe I’m wrong

My last post was about how government mail is not forwarded but I was told by my dil that their foodstamp application was and that son’s school was as well so maybe it only applies to Medicaid. However, I also found out it really didn’t matter anyway because the higher income limit for children under 6 only applies to them not to their parents, so again if you’re a member of the “working poor” you can’t get it. However, all the more reason to go to school because son’s income has basically doubled so maybe he can at least begin to pay for some of the medical care, at least on a sliding scale they have at a particular clinic/pharmacy that gets their meds with some kind of special pricing deal for their clients. At least that’s the deal for now.

But boy it’s really something then when somebody finds out and calls you up saying “boy, sure must be nice to be making that kind of money”; well, if you’d spent your last year and 1/2 – plus of course that year before (not just the previous year) back in high school instead of quitting school and running around going to school learning how to do something while being married to a wife with all kinds of medical problems causing you to lose one baby and then losing another one while having another one you didn’t lose that you’re actually trying to take care of instead of one that you don’t even have to pay child support on maybe you could have one of those jobs too and maybe he needs all his money to take care of those things instead of giving it to you for your medical problems that maybe you’re partially at least bringing on yourself because of your lifestyle in spite of how you were raised, much as I know that does have an affect but it’s not like you haven’t had family that’s been trying to help you, like getting you yet another car that you yet wrecked again because when you got it you had to just get out and run the roads again, and then after you call and you don’t get your money you run off with these people that you hardly know but have been running with and they steal your stuff and leave you stranded. So now you’re gonna make us believe that guy you got your granma to stop at the bank because you said you owed him some money for what you could not say to take to him meeting him at the gas station you said his daddy owns and you are gonna start to school because he has a car and is going to come all the way out in the country to get you; we’ll see, hope so.

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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