Finally Hitting

At least that’s what we feel is happening; it’s been a little over 2 mos. now and with everything going on seems it’s just now sinking in with dil at least. Think I never got off what with everything that happened that she did finally get in to see the doctor. I went by there and talked to them, explained what had happened and learned there’d been somewhat of a misunderstanding and they called and rescheduled her appt., which this time she did make, in order to go back to the hospital to stay. They did finally prescribe her some medication but then found out the state’s cut out the dispensary there where we’d thought all this time she could get them, said she’d just have to take them to a pharmacy, but then son wouldn’t stop by to drop them off – think they’re getting spoiled – he thought we’d take care of it, not sure if at that point he knew we were thinking of going down or not; not sure how but then that’s not uncommon either but don’t think I knew either because he didn’t know either she was planning on going or wanting me to take her or maybe I did because maybe that was why that I told her we were but then didn’t tell him; I’m not sure, anyway he took off at noon to go because of all days it was a Wednesday and he wanted to get back in time for church but I know he didn’t tell me that because he could have just gone and picked her up before he came home so then I didn’t  know what he would do but we did go get her but then he wouldn’t take the prescription by and wait for them, thought we could just take care of that at the hospital.

But is somewhat understandable she would want all her prescriptions at one place; that’s really the way you’re supposed to have them after all and we’d been through that before having them at different places and it does get to be a problem; however, in this situation I would have thought she could make an exception and she didn’t tell us all this at the time; guess she just thought we should have thought that as well; she didn’t quite understand the reasoning behind not doing it, just like I didn’t really understand the reasoning behind the day/timing of this visit either. Anyway she wouldn’t do it so we ended up just leaving her with it, which concerned me and turned out to somewhat be with good reason but anyway.

So anyway by the time she came back and we even found out how much they were going to cost plus at the time we understood son/her dh was concerned about some of them, that they were ones he said she’d had before that had caused problems that he didn’t want her to have anyway he only had/got her her anti-anxiety meds which she then said wasn’t enough but by then it was a moot point anyway because the rest that weren’t filled were expired.

So then when it was time for her next appointment she didn’t go because of what had happened last time and that she felt that if/since she hadn’t gotten her prescriptions/medications filled she wouldn’t be allowed to see him anyway or at least would be terminated when she did. And of course we got the blame but nothing we could do about it now anyway.

Meanwhile turns out she had been applying for Medicaid as well somewhat all this time while son/hdh has been out of work, which not sure I’ve gotten into here either anyway but was never getting anywhere with that.

Gonna start a new post re all this last October happening

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