Another Government Red Tape Post – Medicaid, in particular, this time

I originally started this blog over this type thing – well, it really started as comments on somebody’s blog about the WIA program, which I may get back to at some point but for now

this is regarding Medicaid applications if you move – and they send you any response to your application the post office does not forward any government mail; it gets returned –

you are supposed to notify them if you move within 10 days of your new address – and –

if you just send in a new application and you’re old one is in the system and they’ve tried to contact they basically just toss them both and/or all out of they system and you’re never notified – apparently they don’t even call you and tell you – so…

here you are 6 mos. later just sitting and waiting to hear something – now I know you probably don’t sit around that long if you really want to know something but in our case on top of everything else –

they just built a Medicaid office in town – not sure how it is in most places – the only other 2 we’ve dealt did already have one – but here the workers were scattered all over town – now in theory I can see why maybe they did that because they supposedly were at places that Medicaid recipients would go – like the hospital, health department, clinic – which would be fine if they were there when you went and available to talk to you but they normally weren’t and you sure couldn’t call them; you could never get them and they basically never returned your phone calls – they didn’t have time. You were supposed to know what to do – like the fact, that at least in our state, if your child was placed on Medicaid when they were born, it was for only one year – not that I have a problem with that, necessarily, if you’re told that, which I’m not sure you are but even if you are, who that’s just had a baby is going to remember that type of thing a year later and not even a year because it has to be redone the month before the year’s up in order for it to not expire – and like said if you want where are you going to put it – who already has a next year’s calendar up – however, now if you grew up like I did – you would write it at the back of this years so when you did get next year’s the info was already there to be transferred – little did I know that not everybody did that type of thing – however, in this day and age wouldn’t you just put it in your phone, except you’ve probably gotten a new phone by then and not gotten it transferred so here we are at the same place after all, so again, no phone call reminders and not even anything in the mail even if you haven’t moved – just go to take your child to the doctor and sorry you’re Medicaid’s expired and you can’t contact your worker, who doesn’t care anyway because you’re just supposed to have taken care of it so then have to apply all over again (assuming you still need it or again) and yea, I know should have your act together before you have children but just doesn’t always work that way so then what do you or more to the point your child do?



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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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