Gonna just try to do some clean-up on some follow-up of things I’ve posted before what with all the changing over and smashing together; things seem rather jumbled.

First in the middle of everything else going on with new granddaughter and dad after getting back dil had a hearing with the judge on her disability after her lawyer had gotten all her records together from the other state regarding all of that so thought she would be approved but I was concerned because had a friend who was going through the very same thing and was denied because of lack of current and specialized enough records and hers were from several years ago and sure enough that’s what was said she doesn’t have enough current specialized records because she’s not been under treatment. Now, granted in one sense how are you supposed to be able to do it without it when you need it to do it because you don’t have any money but then on the other hand at least in these situations you do have mental health which she hasn’t wanted to go to but then she did finally make an appointment with them for this past Friday, not so much because of this but because of what’s happened with the hospital where the baby is; they’d told her they would get her whatever she needed, she taking that to mean her medications but then they told her they couldn’t help her with that, at least with her not staying down there all the time, that if she was going to be up here, she would just have to go there so that’s what finally did it but then like so many times before since the appointment was for a couple weeks out by the time of it she’d gotten her mind on other things and forgot about it until afterwards; I was concerned about that with what was going on by then and meant to try to remind her but she gives you so little time with what’s going on that it didn’t get done and then this time by the time she remembered they said she’d done it so many times that she couldn’t go back for a year this time. Now, granted, in the meantime, she’d spent quite a bit of time, but then that was mostly right after the baby was born going to the ER and getting medication until they finally stopped that and told her she would have to go to her doctor, which, by then, it was time for her 6 wk. checkup and he did give her something; he wouldn’t before and by then she was doing better then but she did go to her clinic she normally goes to but it doesn’t have an actual doctor but only a nurse practitioner who can’t prescribe what she was getting from the hospital but did give her something that she’s had problems with before so son/husband didn’t want her to take so paid for that for nothing. But it didn’t last long until she had worse problems than she’d had before that led to other issues that I’m not sure I’ve gotten into here (will check) that led to the hospital where the baby is telling her that and they did get her a counselor for a while who helped until the baby got transferred to Boston so since she wasn’t there they wouldn’t continue with that for mom so when we got back a month later things were not good again even though they started it up again the damage had been done and had to start all over again when needed to ramp up not slow down and things were so much more complicated that she couldn’t handle it so couldn’t stay down there like she needed to to get it done so leading finally to them telling her all that. So believe somewhat what led to this past weekend’s ER visit with getting her medication again so here we are again. So not sure where we’ll be going from here

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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