Blood Time Again

But first never did explain February in the Fall; anyway when they did dad’s mental assessment and asked him what season it was – remember this was just Monday, March 4, – he said it was fall but later when they asked what month it was he said it was February, which the doc let that go since it had just turned March – hence apparently February’s in the Fall – oh well

Okay when he first got out of the hospital he was having to go get blood infusions about every week, then with getting his meds tweaked it got to be about every couple of weeks then down to about once a month till now it didn’t seem like he’d had to go for a little over a couple of months now. And the doctor still doesn’t just write orders until he’s below 8. But today while his housekeeper/bath aide was there and grandson was gone she called him and said she hadn’t been able to get him up to eat; he’d been laying down on the couch, which he normally doesn’t do – she’s there from 11-1 and he always eats right at noon  – but when he got back she’d been able to get him up, he’d eaten, and she had him in the shower – he has to get at least 2 a week, hardpressed to get any more – and always on Friday for church on Sunday though not sure he’s been going lately; need to check on that – then usually on Monday and definitely this past one for the doctor appointment, which usually for those any way regardless of what day they are, but didn’t get done last time probably since on Wednesday and she doesn’t come on Tuesday and it was before she comes. Anyway went and got the paper but then wasn’t long till he was laying back down again, which he normally doesn’t do until his blood is getting low again. So he called the doc but they still didn’t want to do based on his levels and actually, sorry he called him before he laid back down, based on this morning, so wouldn’t so then called back after finding him back down so they said either tonight or in the morning so he went ahead and took him tonight but seemed to take longer to get him actually in a room and started this time. Apparently they’ve usually been able to get the blood quicker since they already had his lab numbers when they were taking them more often but since they’d cut him back to only once a week, having taken them Monday when he went to the doctor – which he is get them done every Monday any way – wasn’t recent enough, so they had to take them again – even with his doctor’s orders, hm, not sure I understand that – and get the reading before they could order the blood so it was after 7 before they got started; starting at 3 it’s normally midnight before they get through so this time think they’re gonna just let him spend the night there since it will be so late, early in the morning. But apparently it finally hit again that he either got low again or he’s not being able to tolerate the new low, even if it is higher than when he’s needed it before, which will be another issue; guess we’ll see about that.

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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