February’s in the Fall

This makes a little more sense especially since never heard of dad having functional assessment before even though, granted, this last year’s been pretty crazy and so was the one before but I was definitely with him the year before (even though that’s the year we lost mom but after that and we’d rescheduled his appointment when we actually went it was all pretty normal and there definitely was not anything like that done then; of course, that was in the spring and this was in December and I didn’t go with him then; actually not sure anybody did so maybe was done but at least didn’t hear anything about there being an issue; of course he didn’t have the pension then so wouldn’t have affected that so wouldn’t have gotten that letter (oh, haven’t mentioned that yet anyway) but think would have started with services (oh, yes, haven’t mentioned that either) which weren’t mentioned until the fall he had in the spring (confused yet?) that something triggered it and I suspect it was the fact that his appointment was on a Wednesday morning, meaning that his housekeeper doesn’t come on Tuesdays and not until 11 every other day, which means she wasn’t there to make sure he was taken care to go to his appointment and sure enough, on the notes it says his appearance was disheveled – and worse I won’t go into here – but goes to show what two guys baching leads to; of course, that was right at the low point of all the situation with grandson staying with dad; right before we got the pension finally through like it was supposed to be; right when grandson’s main bill that could have caused everything to fall apart was at its worst and he did begin to do some things that, yes, I knew about, but knew, and know even more now, could cause some problems with it all if it were investigated, which could have been, and maybe were, we’ll see, so he was not doing too well when it came to that appointment, which he didn’t even realize, what with everything else that had been going on that he had been doing a good job of taking care of him about, how major that one was and didn’t even remember it that way now so didn’t remember anything about his appearance or the assessment; well, seemed like he did remember being asked some questions but didn’t think much about it and still not really sure exactly how this works but we’ve decided it’s in the system somehow because don’t think it was deliberate on the part of anyone there that did it, at least not at the time of realizing what the consequences could be.  But learned it’s a “trick”; if you answer the least bit off, like a husband who lets his wife take care of the bills to the extent doesn’t even know what his house payment is, next thing you know you can find out – and only because people weren’t finding out until after it was done – you’re being proposed for being declared imcompetent, incapable of handling your own money. Well, we’re sure if they were asked something like that in December they would say it like grandson was not thinking anything about and sure enough that’s what happened. I’m just glad it was this year and not before because like I said until they passed a new law just last year they didn’t have to let you know ahead of time; they just did it and told you about it afterwards and appointed somebody and you didn’t have a chance to have who you wanted; you couldn’t even have a family member; it had to be somebody professional that they hired for you and even though they encouraged these people to do it for free, yea, right, like who’s going to do that when they allow them to charge 3% of your pension for doing it – so many people saw what they saw – because they didn’t do their job like they were supposed to – an easy extra $350 a month – per person – that they did this for – so it became quite the lucrative endeavor. And then to prove their point that their money was used for expenses first they had to be able to stick their noses in the rest of your income and money besides your pension so they had to have access to alll your funds, so you can just guess what often happened then and the person themselves would have no idea because they no longer had access even to the information about their accounts and certainly coudn’t do anything about it if they did find out. Until some organizations really got behind it and got this law passed last year that first of all required advance notice so you could do like we did today and challenge the proposal of imcompetency and then if you didn’t do that you could at least have a family member be the one to take care of things; now they did also start requiring background checks, not that I’m sure that would really help in those situations because I’m not sure many of the people that were charging and taking advantage had anything already in their background but maybe that will help in the case of those that got caught up with and then somehow would be trying it again. I have mixed feelings about it – with white vs “black?) collar crime – but at least for the most part it probably would allow family members. I’m just glad there was a cancellation today so dad even had his appointment today, so quick after getting the letter, because they had told me that without that he wasn’t going to be able to have one for another couple of months, I believe. His doctor has apparently been having quite a bit of family issues himself because we went through that I think back in the summer with his last regular appointment before he went in the hospital or was it before then? I’m not sure now; I just know I remember sometime trying to get his appointment or maybe just trying to get in touch with him and he was out a lot with his own family. That may have been why it was so long to get to him after he got out of the hospital. Which wouldn’t have been such an issue except they already had his labs scheduled for the right time and he’s always been supposed to see the doctor within a certain timeframe after that so one or the other needed to be moved and interestingly enough they didn’t want to wait on his labs but I guess he wouldn’t have to actually see the doctor anymore now that we have all that set up online, not that he knows anything about that anymore than he really knows about any of this other stuff, like really why he’s even seeing the doctor; he just basically does what he’s told anymore. But anyway just glad this was an afternoon appointment after housekeeper/bath aide there so called her after found this out and asked to please make sure he was at his best for it; it could mean everything. So she did. Oh, and I may go back and edit this but in my tribute to her I’m not sure I put that she even got him something for Christmas so that really made me feel bad; she got him some new pants, maybe a shirt as well. But the pants was something he really needed; new being the key there; I’d gotten him some new to him while I was there (or did I?) gonna quit now

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