Happenings on the Home Front (while I was in Boston)

First, with having had to move my other site over here I’m trying to see if any of it makes any sense any more so while going through I found an old post on Winter of Life (don’t think that’s the exact name, will check later) but reminded me what’s going on with dad and not sure if that story made it or if so, where exactly, but need to put together, so..

with the hospital stay (that I’ll try to check if see if here) he had a lot of lab visits for blood work and hospital visits for blood infusions and visits to his blood doctor but then in December, a couple of weeks after I’d gone to  Boston (with granddaughter; I’ll check on that story as well) and a week after her surgery and just a few days after other son and dil (her parents) had left dad had his regular follow-up appointment with his VA doctor. Well, turns out they did a functional assessment; they say they do one every year on anyone over about 70, which he would certainly qualify but I’m not sure he’s ever had one; maybe it’s something new, maybe it’s because he hasn’t had an actual doctor all that time, although she said it’s something that just pops up to do on their computer system and is actually done by the nurse, so I don’t know; of course I also haven’t ever gotten his office visit notes before either. I got them this time to make sure, ironically enough, that there wasn’t any thing like this in them, only to find this. The strange thing about it, though, is that the answers are nothing like what he would have answered had you asked him and possibly not had you asked his grandson who took him depending on why he might have thought you were asking; now if he hadn’t thought anything about it and was just telling what he might have thought at the time to be the truth or at least the truth as you would see it he might have answered the way it showed up but the interesting thing is it just turned out to be that I got this on the very day he wasn’t to be there because he was taking his girlfriend, who apparently is back, back to her out-of-state doctor where she’d been flighted to the hospital when she had her wreck. Now to me the intriguing thing about that is that when it was dad in a similar situation and had to go to the same hospital and was supposed to go back the very same way for follow-up to the doctor there he wouldn’t go and I was able to find him one closer so she probably could do and nobody would have to make that trip; anyway, though, that’s where he was so he wasn’t there and after everything that had happened he had just called a couple of weeks ago after me not talking to them (because that’s the way he wanted it) saying dad wanted to hear from me (wondered how long it would take because I know him, dad, that is) and I needed to call him at least once a week (well, fancy that) so since that happened to be on a Saturday and I never know what those are going to be and since tomorrow is hubby’s birthday – the big double S – and since we were supposed to be going out of town – I had planned to call today – after I got the office visit notes – and then after I dealt with what I found – then especially just to see if he remembered any of it, which of course he didn’t – but he at least had his friend that daddy knew stay with him this time instead of those people none of us knew (as in his housekeeper that I’d also wanted to call while she was there to see who was there but I didn’t get the papers in and taken care of in time and also she’s got a new grandchild, who actually isn’t that new anymore that I’ve wanted to do something for but between having my own and the weather and then some other issues I haven’t so now I’m feeling bad about that so in a way I’m glad I didn’t get it done and also that meant I got to talk to the friend directly and somewhat needed to because it’s also rather interesting the timing of all this because of his last visit – he was set up for 3 month follow-up rather than the 6 it had been being – so it is Monday so this needs to be dealt with so I was telling him about it – now they have it saying he is definitely impaired, which, ok, that’s why grandson is staying with him and even has friend when he can’t but the main issue is it says he cannot handle his finances – money. But he’s the one who knows when the bills come in and makes sure they get paid so sounds to me like he can handle it pretty good and how would the doctor or nurse know anyway unless they asked one of them and I’m pretty sure dad would say he could and why wouldn’t grandson since that’s what both him and friend say – unless – he’s talking about dad having him actually do it, which I think he possibly thought it saying that would solidify his position of taking care of him but we possibly have a dilemma now with the doctor he had while he was in the hospital. Now I know I”ve really said a whole lot of nothing that makes any sense if you don’t have a gist of what’s been going on and with all the changes that have been here I’m not sure what’s where but I will check but I’m going to end this now anyway and try to pick it back up and have it make some sense later. Sorry

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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