4 years ago today

Since something evidently happened to my last blog or maybe even this one before it changed format my post on this at the time seems to be gone so on this anniversary I’ll talk about it again


But first 4 years ago (or rather shortly before) hubs company was sold and all the retirement could be liquidated or transferred into a 401K where before it was in company stock, not publicly traded but evaluated annually by an independent auditor and valued based on the company’s performance so we had an opportunity to get some cash out to at least do a main project we’d been wanting to do around here, like build a garage to go with the house but for some reason instead of waiting until it would have been spring when we would actually get the money hub decided to go ahead and get started this time of year.

so we’d had the guy come to build the forms for the concrete for the slab then this week he was to come pour the concrete and level even though there was rain in the forecast for later that day since it started out such a pretty sunshiny day and you know how they are don’t want to miss a day or a dollar, so here he comes

now I’m not really sure what he actually started off doing but it doesn’t seem like it took too long for the rain but then it must have taken a while because surely he wouldn’t have started in the rain but maybe so maybe he thought it wouldn’t rain long or hard but anyway the concrete truck comes, pours his concrete, now I’m not really sure how many times he had to come or if he had to unload – let’s see if I can explain this, apparently when you unload it on the slab it doesn’t actually all come out and you have to dump the rest or maybe he ended up with too much; whichever, he wanted to unload the rest in our driveway, which apparently it had evidently been raining a fair amount by then because he got stuck and had to call a big towtruck to be pulled out. Now that wouldn’t really have been too big a deal except I’d gotten a call that morning from my daughter in law.

Now I also want to back up a bit (I really hate my earlier posts disappearing – I wonder what may happen to these) son and daughter in law who’d gotten married the year before and moved down here had moved back to where they were living when they got married which happens to be 5 hrs. away where I’m from with her being pregnant and being seen here by an OB who will take on high risk cases on a referral basis only, which we had gotten done (obviously) although at the time we actually didn’t know she was high risk; we just knew he was good. But then she left him and where she went to they don’t have anybody anywhere close besides having just one anyway and a midwife. So she wakes up in the night in extreme pain, goes to the ER or birthing center or wherever you go up there when you have a problem like that and her blood sugar is over 400 – I really think a lot more maybe even double but that just sounds so unreal but I really do think so because I’ve seen it 400 and it be like nothing to her – anyway they immediately (or as soon as they possibly can) have her medflighted to their big city – 5 hrs. away (and no they couldn’t bring her here) for an emergency C-section, which, however, when she gets there, they don’t do because they get her sugar stabilized.

However, the next day she keeps trying to tell them she’s not feeling the baby move (well, not too long so maybe it started the night before) until she finally gets them to take her for an ultrasound – and – yes, sure enough, now you know where I’m going, so that’s the call

while I have a concrete truck stuck in my driveway so while I’m waiting for it to get out of my way – this may sound morbid – but a friend tells us of photographers who will come take professional photos of the babe so I spend my waiting time making those arrangements; truck gets out of my way and I head on my way up there while also helping son (who, no, didn’t go before) and some of her family – her mother, mainly, but also two of her sisters( who, yes, also hadn’t gone – so, yes, she’d been up there by herself), make their arrangements.

However, when we get there (or rather when I because I still managed to get there first) I find out that, unlike what I would have thought, they were not going to take the baby; they were going to allow (have – whichever) her to have it natural without even giving her anything to help with that; at least, not at that point. Well, I still thought it wouldn’t be long.

But all this previous was on Tuesday, so now it’s Wednesday and we didn’t have a baby until 4 yrs. ago today – oh, which was a Friday that year, so, yes, 3 days – a long, horrible 3 days – and then – (oh, and the photography thing didn’t work out after all anyway – she’d broken her leg) she had to stay over the weekend, so

I got authorized as funeral home transport to take the baby back home to the funeral home on that trip – so what a day 4 yrs. ago today was

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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  1. wow, I”m impressed; the first statements here were made because this was originally on another site that right after I said that got a notice they were going away as well – but at least this time I was told about it and also told how nice these fine people are here (where I had one as well – ever heard of having more than one notebook? oh well – they eventually all came together as well but then there’s another story) who would take it in and they made it relatively easy, even for me, especially with their fine forum help people – now I’m gonna go find out who it was – thank you so much!

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