Snowfall in the South

Since “snowflakes” is the title of my blog, in going back over the story I’ve been telling here, I feel it’s time to at least mention this

After older son had his motorcycle wreck, his shoulder not healing completely (somewhat because of the whole health care issue but not going there now) led to him not going ahead and enrolling in the other HVAC course hence somewhat causing him to feel the need to pursue some other options. Meanwhile, things I haven’t mentioned here come into play – one, my mother had passed away in the spring of that year. I’m just glad that didn’t throw him off the course then because he was very close to her. And, then, middle son and wife had their baby not long before his wreck and they wanted dad to come see her for Christmas – there’s more to that story that we won’t get into here – but the combination led to them coming. He and Mother had come for Christmas before but normally they didn’t come in the winter out of concern for the weather so if we spent it with them we’d usually go up there but we didn’t always but with a new baby it was important to them and with Mother gone he especially wanted to see the new baby and enough that he somewhat wanted to make the trip as well just to get away. And actually they’d gotten where they couldn’t drive themselves down at all anyway so the last time they’d been down had basically been when he’d been up there (and that’s a whole other story) and brought them down. So older son brought him down here the day before Christmas Eve and everything was fine.Christmas Eve went to see the lights, then we all got up Christmas Day morning to the biggest snow we’d had on Christmas in, literally, according to the weather records, 40, no, 50 years. I could not believe it. Oh, Dad was so restless, couldn’t go out, not really.  Couldn’t really go anywhere, not really, Not down our dirt road, oh, we did have, still do, a 4-wheel drive vehicle, but dad, restless as he was, didn’t really want to get out in that weather. I hated it so bad. I wondered if son would even be able to bring the baby and come – or should. But, hey, those little front-wheel drive Hondas, no problem, even up this mountain (or, well, for us, but hill, I guess, depending on where you live) that not everybody can get up in weather like that, so they did. But, again, couldn’t really get out when did but she was still so little then anyway don’t guess it really mattered. Then it stayed the next day, Sunday,church was cancelled; that’s how bad it was; so he didn’t get to go see anybody and then by the next day when it was beginning to get better, it didn’t matter, he was ready to go anyway, been here long enough; that’s the way he’d be with Mother, oh, well, that’s him. Anyway that’s how older son came to see the truck “just sitting here”, since we weren’t driving it all the time anymore and came to begin to want it even with us telling him it wouldn’t be suitable; he’d never heard of a truck that wouldn’t be but once he got then he understood but oh, well, that’s him 

About donnainthesouth

I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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