And the circle goes round and round

More on the Honda saga – first, wound up at the hospital with dad, while there, they finally came and got the truck after he’d quit making the payments on it, which might as well after he stopped paying the full coverage insurance on it required after getting the Civic back together and on the road because without the insurance wouldn’t be able to keep it anyway especially after the insurance company notifiied them; they notified him but by that point he’d gotten the back check to try to get another one for cash so no issue any more for him.

Then got dad home and went as well till got things squared away. Didn’t want me there but probably good thing was when girlfriend called re flat tire. She’d gotten a job with same company dad’s housekeeper works for with the idea of getting the job but that’s another story. She had a client, who I don’t understand how this company does things, is between where his comes from and him, but anyway while out that way she started having trouble then on the way from it put her on the side of the road and he was going to head out that way when someone stopped and helped her be able to get on in but not sure how or what he would have done had I not been there because dad wasn’t supposed to be left by himself. Anyway he just aired it up and that point but in the meantime dad’s housekeeper wasn’t able to come because she had to take over her other client and the company had her do dad, which made them both think she sure would have the job then but again that’s part of the other story. Oh, did I not say that her car is a matching Civic with, yes, the 18s that we’ve talked about and that’s where the problem came, they did the very thing; it had gotten bent so, no, it wasn’t going to hold air but at least the next time it didn’t put her on the side of the road. Then turns out buddy of the original Civic still had his original set from it so got those and pr of ties because of course there was a reason got the new ones then surprisingly son was able to go to the tire store and get another pair, when doing for someone else. Amazing. Put her on his insurance too, with new company he went to, both high risk that don’t check, good thing, since to put the Civics on with the one he had would have had to catch up the truck insurance hadn’t paid but this way didn’t have to. Also she’d originally bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee like ours until she got this job and did need something use less gas but when went to sell it turned out that when bought it hadn’t gotten clear title – yep, here we go again – so the new people wouldn’t buy it like that so had to go get it taken care of, which they did but by then lost that sale but they’re not hard to sell so wasn’t a real problem except lost that Civic as well but again not hard to find except for the new price differential which son took care of as well so not doing too bad now that not making truck payment and paying  full coverage insurance for that truck and getting that check.

But then goes to get the tag for his car – you didn’t think he already had, did you? and you pay property tax for the vehicle you had at the first of the year, which, of course, was the truck, so maybe last higher expense for it – 3x – but not like that much – $60 vs $20 – but guess depends on how much you have but still was able to cover before check gonna use to pay the insurance so still not doing too bad with less expense over all – so maybe end of that part of the Honda Civic circle but not all of it – next post

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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