Will the circle be unbroken?

update: re car saga; the original Honda Civic that dad co-signed on for oldest son that his best friend ended up taking and paying for ended up giving it back to him, after blowing the motor up; turns out those little Honda Civics are just the car for this “tunie racing”; I remember reading about that some 10-odd years ago in a mag while middle son was playing chess at the big box bookstore where they used to host such a weekly event but it was supposed to be for teeny-boppers not 30s somethings; anyway that’s what happened, just like that’s what had happened with that other one but at least this one hadn’t been wrecked as well and then ended up finding out – yes, – Advance Auto Parts has a deal with some people that you can get a used engine,not just a “crate”/rebuilt one, so much cheaper, so was able to get one with 118,000 miles on it. However, now it turns out he broke the tie-rod in but he got that replaced as part of the engine replacement but not before it shot the tires, which were 18s anyway; I remember that, why in this world did he (the buddy, not son) put that size wheels on that thing anyway? Like to have never found tires for it then;had to order them, nobody stocked them and expensive; did not want to go through that again and son doesn’t like them anyway but didn’t realize how much more expensive they are; amazing; because he found a good deal on some more wheels because, not sure if because of the tires or just anyway but all beat up and bent, yes, after getting them, but easy to do with that size, definitely not designed for that size so yes, guess so easy to find a good deal since the tires are so expensive, everybody finds that out so then wants to unload the wheels, so, um, no…not going there, you go there, on your own. So down to 17s, then 16s, now we’re down to stock size 15s just still not stock style; can’t have that, but no tires on; strange but just can’t seem to get the complete sets worked out; they don’t post phone numbers and never return e-mails or has to be done now not when going or now when coming; charged both sets last time supposed to pay now granted some people didn’t expect it anyway so never bothered to let know about payments but then not like didn’t know bought so could have just sent some but I know not like getting an actual bill with an actual payment amount so maybe should have done but just let it go and paid for so who’s fault is it then if didn’t get paid? but do want to do it again can like before is that why things are the way they are now so those tires shot because how did drive the thing and others had to be replaced already as well plus swapping for when wanted to be a truck guy which swapped and still has but will see how long just waiting or maybe just go ahead and call the tow truck guy maybe when see it actually gone take blow torch to the wheels but then again just bought tires for the truck can you take them off before they come get it still have the old ones why no left them at the shop now staying with dad does that count for anything or only for all that’s already been done but do hate for no way to get away but are still driving but time will come but does need or will work out with what driving for now but just too sick and at hospital with dil besides and can’t call dad on cell came home went to bed had little one here with dil/mom then to church so no did what will tomorrow bring – I know stream of consciousness but way i feel – later

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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