Winter Comes Quickly

WINTER COMES QUICKLY by Parthy Gossett (for Christian Woman Mag. 89) 
A view from an elderly parent’s eyes. Beautifully written.Bring a tear to ur eye.
“Yesterday I saw you. You didn’t mean for me to, I know, but nonetheless I did, I saw you look impatient, and I realized that I had already told you the story—many times, I suppose.
Then I remembered other stories, childhood stories that I used t…o tell over and over. Sometimes when I didn’t really have the time, I made time for one more telling of The Three Little Pigs or Chicken Little,
You never grew tired of listening, and I never grew tired of telling. I was young then and you were so small.
I used to hear every noise you made and every question you asked, ‘Where do butterflies come from?’ ‘Who is God?’ I answered, you listened.
Today, I didn’t answer correctly the question you asked, Once I didn’t answer at all. I didn’t hear the question clearly I’m not young anymore. You are not so small.
Today, my body ached. My mind wandered. I was lonely. I didn’t want you to know because you are so busy, and I would have slowed you down. I used to hold you and rock you, I talked to you about your doubts and fears. I made you feel better, I was younger then and you were growing up,
I don’t offer advice now unless you ask; you seldom do. Once I was the smartest mom in the world, but times change. I am old now and you are grown.
I hear the wind, a December wind, reminding me that I am in the winter of my life, love you my children. Be patient with me—-you are only in spring and summer. Winter Comes Quickly,


only in my case; it’s my dad; he’s 93 and it’s not so much me as my son, who, as I’m an only child, was really in many ways the son he never had (and he his father in many ways as well) , who’s really going through this, especially after moving in with him after dad begged him to after mom died since he isn’t marrried either; his thought was it would be a mutually beneficial arrangement; son wouldn’t have to pay for a place to live and he would be companionship to him; however, son didn’t realize just much dad had become like this elderly parent, with the repeating..over and over, but he also didn’t realize just how much he actually wanted, not just him there, but his companionship; he wasn’t used to being expected to just sit in the room with him and be there for all that repetition, so he tended to stay in his room where dad would just go up and down the hall, back and forth, in and out, since son didn’t feel free (anymore) to keep his door locked, repeating the same stories over and over. It’s really making him realize how impatient he’s been and beginning to help him realize and remember when the shoe was on the other foot.


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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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