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I am copying this into my online journal.  I will need to read it again, I fear.  I will forget sometimes and be impatient.  Thank you, Jim.

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Here is one I just read on Facebook that stops you dead in your tracks:

WOW! Take a minute to read this…. 

WINTER COMES QUICKLY by Parthy Gossett (for Christian Woman Mag. 89) 
A view from an elderly parent’s eyes. Beautifully written.Bring a tear to ur eye.
“Yesterday I saw you. You didn’t mean for me to, I know, but nonetheless I did, I saw you look impatient, and I realized that I had already told you the story—many times, I suppose.
Then I remembered other stories, childhood stories that I used t…o tell over and over. Sometimes when I didn’t really have the time, I made time for one more telling of The Three Little Pigs or Chicken Little,
You never grew tired of listening, and I never grew tired of telling. I was young then and you were so small.
I used to hear every noise you made and every question you asked, ‘Where do butterflies come from?’ ‘Who is God?’ I answered, you listened.
Today, I didn’t answer correctly the question you asked, Once I didn’t answer at all. I didn’t hear the question clearly I’m not young anymore. You are not so small.
Today, my body ached. My mind wandered. I was lonely. I didn’t want you to know because you are so busy, and I would have slowed you down. I used to hold you and rock you, I talked to you about your doubts and fears. I made you feel better, I was younger then and you were growing up,
I don’t offer advice now unless you ask; you seldom do. Once I was the smartest mom in the world, but times change. I am old now and you are grown.
I hear the wind, a December wind, reminding me that I am in the winter of my life, love you my children. Be patient with me—-you are only in spring and summer. Winter Comes Quickly,

Just wack me upside the head with a 2×4 because I don’t always get everything.  Now I want to cry.

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