Rendezvous with Reality

Just an update to close out last post; suffice it to say in this case the parents were Not stripped of their rights! And to add another chapter to it, consider, I think I’ve mentioned that they had moved into another aparment after all the drama with the landlord at the first place that wasn’t in the best of neighborhoods. They had a similar situation (and, no, I’m just now posting this because of all the media but there are similarities) as the Trayvon situation as in there was, yes, a 16 yr. old. black male staying across the hall (outside) from them with his sister who had been suspended from school with drugs of some type, probably similarly just marijuana. Once again son just trying to be nice – maybe he’ll learn or do I really want him to learn that well? – but as so often happens in these situations something went wrong and the guy called the police telling them he was in their apartment with them having stabbed him. Now, my question is, why don’t they trace these cell phone calls first to see if they really are coming from where they say instead of waiting until after? Now I understand if it were really true you could die I suppose while you’re doing this but on the other hand, in this day and age, really? Anyway you can picture this now, can’t you? They come to the door beating and banging to be let in – now there’s no one there but would you want them coming that way to your door? Anyway they’re just about ready to break in when they let them in and as I said, nothing there – no way, no where, not even in the commode where they look – now what did they expect to find there – a dead body? which is all they said they were looking for and when they protested they threatened to call, even said they had, Social Services, regarding their little girl. Oh, I didn’t finish my last incident, their case was totally closed/cleared after they came to the house. So they weren’t really worried about them anymore but just irritated by the threat, which apparently was just that because nothing ever came of it. And after standing him up in court over the arrest they went ahead and did 4 times they had to completely clear him of that as well after causing him to miss work numerous times and after him completely forgetting one court date in getting ready for same said little girl’s first birthday party, causing him to get a warrant issued for him for that then, for which, does this sound familiar?, he goes and turns himself in after getting his tax refund so he would have the money to get right back out – but not until then, so that was a rather hairy time hoping nothing would happen until then, which thankfully it didn’t but which then led to him being able to get an attorney, which he hadn’t been able to before, which might have led to the clearing, even though they had reached their limit. After all that, at some point, it is true, the other guy who made the call was arrested as well and convicted and sentenced but that still doesn’t compensate him for what he had to go through. And oh, yea, his name and pix got plastered in one of those freebie papers that posts all such people. Just remember, more times than possibly you realize there is more to the story than you know! Reality is sometimes better than portrayed! Just glad to have that behind us! And, oh, in case I haven’t said they did move out of that neighborhood as well after that happened into a really nice one where they’ve had no more problems like that – until…                           after all that we wound up in the emergency room of the hospital, ultimately winding up in the hospital with pancreatis, which I may have posted about, meeting a 16 yr. old white female who’d just found out she was pregnant (with just a home test) with no way to see a doctor, yet, anyway, since she hadn’t even told her dad at that point, which when she did, he put her out of the house, and with them having moved up here from Florida she has no other family here, so she winds up staying with the baby’s dad’s sister and her husband with the father not in her life, as a matter of fact, he’s moved on to someone else and things not going well there with also her father not giving her her paperwork for her to even be able to go see a doctor and get any prenatal care, causing her to have to quit school and her job, at least until the baby’s born, supposedly suppose to be getting a check from, oh yea, her mother died when she was 5, that but either not ever getting it or somehow it’s going to the people she’s staying with so she’s not able to do anything to prepare for the baby, as if they somehow are hoping she won’t be able to keep it, either nobody or at least not her, possibly the family coming to get it or hoping to get her; the people where she used to work have been continuing to help her financially just to get by not really to help prepare for the baby and holding her job for her to return after it’s born. Anyway she and dil continue to stay in touch until things seemingly either got so bad where she was staying or they reached a point of her coming to stay with them, which had its good points; dil had somebody with her which helped her in not just being by herself all the time unless she was here while son at work but it also had its bad. Remember their apartment is still – and I shouldn’t really say that since their last 2 were just 1 bedroom – a 2 bedroom, which I suppose could mean they could put her in with our little girl but she was still keeping both her pac and play and her pretty new little toddler bed she also got with their tax refund in so there was no room for another place to sleep in there, which could be a good thing in some ways, just not knowing but knowing I am tired so in spite of it al I’m quitting and going to bed… gn 

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