Parents stripped of rights

Wow, hard to believe it’s been 2 yrs. today since son and dil moved back here this time; the bad weather came a little earlier this year. They got here right in the middle of it that year to borrow the truck to get the bed we’d found for them that had to be gotten out of the storage bldg.; she’s come a long way with her fear of storms but still glad the weather wasn’t bad yesterday with us gone over to camping again. We didn’t actually camp this year, just went over and hiked. And, oh, yea, I got to go paddle boat riding; youngest son went over with friends; hope he doesn’t leave his cell phone like he did that year. Stuck it in the pocket of someone’s camping chair and it wasn’t found, of course, until the next camping trip. But things so different; maybe because we weren’t there; he was hoping we’d come over. And, also, glad she’s got a cot for his back; making it a lot better. Been taking him to the chiropracter lately after he started playing basketball and landed wrong the first night, but he’s been getting better at that as well. Kinda strange, none of his old friends are there; hanging out with the neighbor/friend boy who lives up on the hill in the fancy subdivision on the other side of the hermit neighbor where he and his buddy were riding their dirt bikes down and almost getting into trouble with the other neighbor and winding up in our yard on their way down the road to the other friend but trying to get their off the road. Oh, and so glad God protected him when he actually went off the bank, not just down, off the trail on his bike and fell; the trail wasn’t really designed for riding; didn’t really hit me until I actually saw it while hiking. Oh, so glad, not going through another incident like with oldest with his motorcycle wreck. And just so glad hub feels so much better this year; 2 yrs. ago he was at his lowest point but highest weight; before he had his surgery and started working out, then with right on the heels of that son and dil coming back with all their issues, though glad to have them but just so glad they’re doing so much better as well as him and younger son as well. Now oldest one 2 yrs. ago was getting in school like middle one now but when finally got there just couldn’t handle it so been a hard 2 yrs. there basically hasn’t worked except for a little bit when he did have a good job but then mother ended up passing away and that threw him again and caused him to lose it with his best friend at the time getting it, the one who took over his car payments until he paid it off, blew it up, and gave it back to him, where he’s been trying to find another engine for it ever since; thought he’d found a whole other car down here but without clear title finally just let it go and started on another search for engine, then just before we started planning to leave to go over to the campground he found out one of the local auto parts stores actually sells used engines and actually has one for his car; they’re actually very hard to find; and with only 80,000 miles on it so put it on reserve. He does have a new girlfriend since he lost that too with his job; actually that’s how he got the job; so this one works and is going to help him get it but the other help was an issue. He’s actually moved in with dad to help out there and we’ve been trying to work out something for him there if you can just get to the right person and find out who that is and that you’re needed to get in touch with them especially finding all this out on Easter weekend kinda puts a crunch in that but these motors get away but he got it worked out; not sure how, and can’t find that out now also because of the holiday until after. But so thankful hub handled it all really well and we were able to go ahead this time and have a really enjoyable day. But it is hard to believe not only has it been 2 yrs. but it falls the same with it being Easter weekend. Wow, they were just moving here then. Now they’ve living in a nice place for about a year now and seem to be somewhat settled in for a while till he gets out of school. Have some things to work out there regarding summer; need to find out what’s considered full-time. Was going to check on that before left yesterday but with the holiday and people being out, took a little longer to get all that worked out but again hub handled that well as well and trying to see about the engine as well. So another item for the coming week. Haven’t talked about that? will put that in there as well. But the real issue is the little girl we were expecting 2 yrs. ago that being down here we feel got her here healthy, then except for the issue we had 3 weeks later when we wound up in PICU. That I posted about at the time but didn’t get into this if you’re still with me and if I’m still here. I talked about staying at the hospital for them to go to the concert; she’d been in there 4 days at that point out of the 10 they said she would need to stay for IV antibiotic treatment for the Group B strep infection. So that means there would be 6 more days and for the most part (if not all) she still wanted him to stay there with her which was not easy; there’s still issues about staying up and sleeping as to who wants to do what but regardless they were up late one night; he works until 9 anyway and their schedule has been somewhat to stay up late and sleep late with him working that schedule so their normal of course is not the hospital normal anyway. So add the stress of doing all that at the hospital as well plus the fact that even though yes, he’s my son, he talks loud, especially when he is stressed to the late hour and do see a recipe for disaster? And, oh, yes, their room being right next to a nurses room, not really the actual station but there’s another little right next to the station between it and their room where they work, where of course they could pretty much hear everything that’s said especially with his voice. So yes, one night he’s tired and upset, I think, somewhat wanting to go home and get some rest – remember he’s still working through all this, he’d missed so much already with her being born that he really can’t afford to miss any more – and her not wanting to be there by herself – again, remember I would have come but she’s still not really that comfortable with me yet – that they said he yelled, actually they said he cursed, actually what happened was they called social services who said that’s what they told them or rather told the intake person who sent the worker out to the hospital to talk to dil. I know I’ve said too much to get to this point but I’ve got to run; will finish later; just chew on this though, in the midst of all that, you’ve got social worker coming now from social services


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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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