Okay, sorry to let this go like this so long but here’s the story; after finally being able to get back with the dealer – after finally getting to the title clerk, since she only works part-time, and when did, her not knowing anything about what I was talking about – because – no, no one had talked to her – she talked to the boss, who was just uncomfortable with the whole thing and wanted us to go through a dealer down here. So…had a friend who uses this dealer’s person who also does taxes for theirs so she was going to talk to her…but, well, you know how that goes, they haven’t got their tax stuff together yet, so…one day we were out there and just stopped by..but, of course, she wasn’t there, but, of course, they couldn’t do it anyway, because they don’t have a service facility to check it out…oh, yea, things, like making sure the air bags hadn’t deployed in the wreck so there wouldn’t be any liability…and oh, yea, have I mentioned the people whose name is on the title threatening because of privacy issues of how did their name get on the title anyway because they didn’t realize the people still had their title; they thought they’d gotten their own title so they were going to call the state DMV and have the vehicle junked out anyway except they can’t without the title unless they get a duplicate which they hadn’t done…oh, my, then on top of all that, the rebuilder guy we’d talked to early on in the process who would have done all of this with the guy bringing the car to him, just never could work out who was going to pay him for it, turns out was a private pilot and he crashed his plane killing himself and his girlfriend, so, wow, what then would have happened had we started that process?! just like the state guy said; he then would have had the car with his name on the title while in the middle of all this, so then what would have happened? by that point just started looking for a motor for the one he had, since he really didn’t want an automatic anyway but that turned into a whole other issue, could not find one – one year off making all the difference – but turns out the money just keeps dribbling away anyway so…we’re beginning the new saga…

About donnainthesouth

I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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