I need to back up. Between the Friday before the holidays and the day I spent pursuing the whys of the vehicle being totaled for collision was the day when I found out it was that was also the day I recontacted the member of the legacy team, who turned out to not be an adjuster. Rather than even just tell me whether she had gotten the claims record out of archive, as per our agreement, she turned me over to the supervisor of the team of adjusters that I had left a message with on Friday. She had gotten it and said she was just getting ready to call me (aren’t they always) to tell me to give the insured her name and number, have her to contact her and she would 3-way me in. The insureds are a mother and daughter and I knew the mother works during the day, I opted to call the daughter. She then made the offer to re-buy the vehicle for the purchase price the man we’d been talking to was wanting for it to reimburse him for the work he’d done to it, work which she had wanted done to it anyway when she had it, then sell it to us herself.

Now this pertains to the issue of the affidavit of correction, or rather the issue of the notarizing of it because she’s the one who actually needs to sign and have it notarized. That was the actual concern in calling that local DMV in the first place after having spent the day with the local one down here getting it in the first place after them telling me I had to have that one. However, that in itself does not resolve the issue of the insurance documentation.

So it turned out she called her mother who in turn called me and asked me for the person’s name and number, which I gave her the name and number of the insurance supervisor I had talked to who had asked me to give it to her and she said she would call. I was going to wait until the next day before I contacted her to give them time to contact me. However, because of some other situations I found I needed to go ahead and contact her later that day, which turned out to be good, since they’d been playing phone tag.

So since it turned out they had not talked to each other I continued to attempt to inquire as to whether the claim record had been retrieved out of archive. I made contact with the person I had talked with on Friday regarding this who had told me she was where it was actually done. She remembered me and gave me the name and number of who I thought was the actual total loss adjuster (or maybe salvage) who had actually worked this claim but he was back over this way and so already gone for the day.

So I called the insured again only to learn that’s not whose number she’d been wanting.

To back up again, when I talked with the daughter earlier when she made the offer, it was part of a concern she had that the man we’d been talking to still had the title with her name on it. She said she’d understood he was going to get the vehicle titled in his name.

So the mother was wanting his name and number.

Now I had never said anything to him about contacting them or even finding out how to since to begin with he had said he didn’t know how to and maybe he doesn’t anymore just like they no longer know how to contact their prior insurance company after having contacted them and not being able to make a satisfactory arrangement with them regarding this whole situation. So even though now she seems willing I certainly don’t feel free to give out his information any more so than she likes knowing hers is still out there for me to have gotten.

So I, in turn, contacted him and told him the insurance company would only talk to the insured but also that I had gotten the contact info for the actual adjuster and would attempt to do that.

To back up again, when we went to look at the vehicle it turned out that his daughter was the one who had actually bought the vehicle or at least she’s the one who provided the money for it from her job. She’s actually too young to have actually bought it. So she’s the one who’s actually trying to get it sold and posted it.

So by this time she’s given up on this whole deal and has reposted it but it will still have the same problems being sold in this state that it had before but possibly someone will come along who can take care of it.

Son actually has given up as well. But since I have this contact info I will continue to pursue it just to see just in case no one does. He’d like to have even though it’s not exactly what he wants but he can’t find that either.

I then did recontact the daughter insured to let her know that the car had been reposted re her prior offer, which would eliminate my having to be the middleman in facilitating the contact between them.

Then because of what happened after this turned into something completely other so back up to the last post to get the rest of the story – this has gotten somewhat backwards with leaving this day and this out but will now continue with what happened when made the contacts to the respective DMVs.

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