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okay contacted the other state local DMV – remember I’d already been to the head asst. – but when I told him we were no longer dealing with hail damage but collision he then proceeded to tell me we were just trying to do a run-in around the law; I’m sorry my information was incorrect but I had been just passing along what I had been told, which is why they want documentation in the first place. I couldn’t help it that the info turned out to be inaccurate, not surprising I’m sure but still not something I could help. But then I guess it sure didn’t help when I proceeded to tell him it had been repaired because yes, it’s supposed to be repaired by the out of state buyer; well, again are we supposed to be able to help it that they had already repaired it? well, that wouldn’t have been so much of a problem if they had the receipts for the parts they used – but – they didn’t use it any – what part of repair vs replace do you not understand? okay the law reads you can issue a receipt for your own labor valuing your time but that’s probably where the issue is – your own labor, not someone else’s; if so, they probably have to be licensed; ran into that with another issue that I didn’t even blog about, may go back and do that, another time. So he finally passed me off to the big (shark?) – the actual head of the department – the actual clerk – yes, they’re called that in that state, not just some lowly clerical person but the actual clerk for the state department. But not before he threw out that we would still need the documentation as to why it was totaled before he threw me out, so we’ll see.

Now remember when I had the title faxed to them they said they couldn’t read the owner’s name; it was blacked out. Well, the big shark said he wouldn’t even talk to me until he could see that. I made the mistake of sticking my arm in his mouth in questioning his equipment because the title processor at the title processing company that they had told me to contact said they have them come in all the time and that doesn’t happen to them. Well, he said his equipment was new so he didn’t think that was the problem but a copy could always be mailed. Now if it wasn’t his equipment I didn’t see how that would help but I told him I would try to get that done.

So I contacted our man again and he suggesting scanning and e-mailing it if that were possible. So contacted the DMV office again and got head shark’s e-mail, sent it to him and he proceeded to send. Head shark did open it for he got a read receipt.

Now this gets interesting when I get back in contact with head shark because he doesn’t even deal with the insurance issue. He goes back to just instate salvage titling it, which is what we were going to do to begin with until his “lowly clerical person” discouraged us from doing so because it would be too much trouble to title it twice – maybe I should have asked – too much trouble for who – us or you? Now of course we would still have to deal with this issue later but that’s a different situation. But of course now we run into yet another dilemma. Remember in going the other route we’d already gotten actually now 2 affidavits of correction. However, this (shark)  wants the actual title cleaned up and the name of the man we’ve been dealing with completely off the title. Because remember I stated earlier it is true in this out of state state you cannot skip owners getting titled unless they are dealers.

Now there is a good reason for that because in actuality it is true that the affidavits of correction were not really the route to go in this situation. Those are really designed if you are dealing with the true titled owner of the vehicle who just had  a prior situation with someone else who had signed the title as buyer but then had truly never taken possession of the vehicle. This, as you know, is not really our situation. And, as you also know, he’s the one who signed the original out of state affidavit, not the titled owner. And yes, he was at least going to attempt to sign the local one. However, remember originally we had the notarizing taken care of but this time we didn’t so not sure how that would have worked anyway. Because again, remember when he had the title notarized he was using his own name signature but that wouldn’t be the case in this situation.

Now that might not  really be a problem even though yes, it would mean her name would be forged which she had said there would be if it were especially since it was going out of state if it were not for the insurance issue, which might not be an issue with repair but then again still might. 

Hm, okay, now had we known this before I contacted them re the insurance issue when she had offered to do basically that very thing but however then she said she had contacted the state and said that she would not sign any papers  pertaining to the vehicle she might have been willing to do that but not now. And actually it’s possible the insurance issue would still have come up later anyway,  remember the assistant somewhat threw that out before he threw me out. It is possible that doing it the way the head shark is saying would take care of that but not sure at this point. But also it’s possible we can end up getting the insurance documentation now from the “salvage pool” now that we know they have it. The main reason I was going ahead and contacting the insurance company in the first place was for the hopeful possibility that the salvage pool’s info was actually incorrect but of course we found that was not true; it was indeed totaled for collision; it just some doing to actually confirm that. And the reason why that original documentation for hail damage was so important was that we would even have to get into any of this other if that had been the case but now we’re just somewhat back to square one.

However, there’s still another possibility.

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