Rooting and routing and swimming in the salvage pool

Okay, so per local (KY) DMV I recontacted the “mail to” address on the title – the company that processed the salvage title for the insurance company to ask them about this “salvage pool”. As I expected, they first said this state did not have such a thing; that was an out-of-state term, that that may be how they do things up there but not us down here, unless of course they’re merely talking about the pool of vehicles that are turned over to the insurance company to be auctioned or as otherwise known, “run through the sale”. hm, so in other words, we do have a “salvage pool”; it just may not include “owner-retained” vehicles, which they never see, only process the paperwork, which is why they can be done by any office of the company, not necessarily the one closest to the vehicle, unlike when they’re actually turned over to the insurance company, in which case they have to handled by the closest office. She had somewhat explained this before but it didn’t really matter before as then it was just getting preliminaries. That could explain the local office not having the information regarding this vehicle since it did not process the paperwork for it, even though this is a large nationwide company. This does not explain whether this company  gets the information for which the vehicle was totaled for any owner-retained vehicles and/or sends in this information to the state with the application for salvage title. The state says they don’t require it upon that application and only requires a statement of repairs for a rebuilt title. The issue here is whether those repairs have to correlate with what the insurance company has originally said needs to be made or if whether sufficient have been done is “merely” determined by the state inspector. Also that the only person who can request the inspection here is either the original owner; i.e. the actual title-holder or a licensed rebuilder, which means the person we’ve been dealing with is neither, therefore, cannot make the request, hence the issue we have. However,  that doesn’t seem to be much of an issue with him because in this state not every subsequent “owner” has to have the vehicle titled in his name; it can continue to be assigned until it is assigned to a licensed rebuilder to be inspected. However, that is the issue in this situation  with the vehicle being planned to be moved  to a state in which if it was totaled for hail damage because no repairs would have to be made, just needing that documentation. However, in that state subsequent owners do have to be titled unless, possibly, it is then assigned to a dealer, which is what led to the issue of the affidavit of correction.  So with that being determined  the information suddenly surfaced  – that the vehicle was totaled for collision. Wow, talk about a monkey wrench. Where did that come from? on the other hand, not really surprised, seems like often when you get into these situations things begin to be not as they seem when you start – not always, however, and with so much at stake it’s worth pursuing to see if we can find out what this is about. Could it be a simple coding error on the part of the insurance company or was there more to it? Of course, I’m not going to be given the insurance company’s name, so we’re back to square one. Except –

if it were indeed totaled for collision might not need documentation or if so, we have it right there so first, that being the case,

let’s contact the local dealer again that we know that I tried to contact yesterday. At least there were more people there today and I could actually talk to someone. However, with bringing up the hail damage issue, which getting a good title is still the goal, he was able to just dodge the issue until I got that resolved. So…

I thought I would just call the local insurance office where they said they have insurance now since I know they have a high risk component with the  possibility I misunderstood the “independent” part. – –    – only maybe I shouldn’t have been so concerned since I ran up on a traffic jam from a wreck on the bridge when I got there – oh, well, couldn’t have known that, then, except…but that’s another story I may tell somewhere in here


     And, yes, I know I should have pulled this info at the time but at the time I again, per later, should have known what I was going to run into re the DMV but again, how could I have, except to apply Murphy’s Law and be prepared for anything? guess I just hadn’t wanted to yet.

So anyway  I thought I would just call where I’d been told they’d moved only to be told they hadn’t – aargh! they just park around back and there’d been nobody there, but, maybe it was best anyway, because when I called and asked about the situation about the car she said that she had  gotten an e-mail from another office (?) about it, checked and didn’t have any information about that car but about one 4 years newer, hm…now, this means this is the correct  place of the insured so they should have the information on this vehicle as well so just asked them to  please doublecheck  a little deeper because they only check so deep at first so of course  when she just did, sure enough there it was, an accident report with the insurance companies name on it – but groan! oh groan! can you imagine – AIG – does anybody not know what that name has meant in the past few years? oh my, wait a minute I’ve only just started to swim – I’ve just found out where to swim – so we’ll start tomorrow because again it’s late in the day by this time because again I had other things to do in the middle. 


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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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