Rooting Out the Router Problem (and Modem too)

Okay finally got the phone issues (mostly) resolved only to be routed by the router (and modem) issues. We first thought it was the modem so went out to the local phone company and swapped it out which then shut down the laptop, which then made it seem as if it must be our router. So hub picked up a new one of those (same brand) and spent an inordinate amount of time on the phone with their tech support guy – in India – only to finally be told he must have a bad router – now at this point though I didn’t go into it all – this is how many? so let’s try a different brand – taking it back to the Big Box store – you know, the one with a greeter – who told him – sshh – to go to the other one – you know the one – where he got the kind we’d had before that we didn’t think worked but – hey, – you reach a point – brought it home – called up the local phone/internet tech support guys – let’s see, must have been his day off and not theirs then – local guys – oh, yea, when we changed out the modem it changed our IP address – plugged that in – we went through that last time and forgot – and back in business.  she had e-mailed me the title app but with all the computer issues wasn’t able to get it pulled off before  they decided they were just going to go ahead and do something else with the car anyway and he didn’t want it anyway but then of course he calls and changes his mind so I have to try to find out if they still have it which takes awhile but I do find out they do. Meanwhile, got the title app myself off the website not her e-mail still not sure exactly why but  got it anyway but then have to  get the title to go with everything else before we can get it all finalized. And what do have to do to get the title – get the moola – and guess what – he won’t send it – so now it has to go with the car – and who and how is it going to do that – well, he agreed to take it but he’s not going to drive it so he has to rent a trailer and truck and charge him for the expense and he refuses to pay, is willing to come get it, but wants him to knock his expense off the price of the car and he refuses to do that so we reach a stand-off but then he gives and is willing to come get it for the price – I mean, he’s getting a deal of a lifetime anyway – but he wants to make sure all the paperwork is in order for him to take it back local, turn it in, and walk away good to drive. So have to call the local and make sure everything have is good to go with them – which, of course, should have known, no, the Affidavit of Correction went to all the trouble to get is not the one they want – no, they want one from down here. Well, that doesn’t seem like it would be too bad – just run down to the local DMV office and pick one up, right? well, not this week – the local office shuts down and sends the local person to the county seat office; well, that’s not too bad, even if they do charge $1, that’s not bad. And certainly will have to do that if it has to be county specific to the county of the address of the title-holder listed on the front of the title. But the man we’re dealing with lives in a different county just over the line and would be long way around to him from that county DMV office so let’s call his county’s main DMV office and see; then realize they have a satellite office really handy to on my way to him that they say has them but it doesn’t take phone calls to be sure so I call the local funeral home (yea I know; I don’t know too many businesses out there; I’d been there to the funeral of the great-grandmother of a friend of younger son’s) to ask if they know. They tell have to wait until the owner comes in and he’ll have him call me, which he does. So in the meantime, since I may be having to go out there, I decide to check out  independent insurance agencies in the area online and get an address,  map, and directions for the only one from a business directory website and call but get a recording and I’m just not that familiar with the area, at least street names, to quite be able to understand the map and directions. So when the funeral home man calls I not only ask him about the local DMV office, which he says doesn’t have anything to do with titles;  however, the main county office says they do, so, now, since I’m going that way anyway check on I go ahead and ask him about the directions for this insurance agent’s address. He tells me I will turn at the Dippy Dots (umm, sounds good)  before I get to the big curve going to the DMV office, that it’s a total residential area. Well, maybe the guy works out of his house.  Okay, but I must have missed  it in trying to get to the DMV office but of course now get there right at lunch time, should have expected as much, and you never know about these small towns; they come out to smoke but no way are going to let me have the form and just be one my way so I go ahead and spend my time trying to check out the other, but going ahead and going on down the road thinking I’m getting my bearing from when I’d been there once before (a long time ago) to their library and thought I was told there was a road down that way. Anyway I end up finding a man out picking up cans – beautiful day, would much rather be outside working at home, like the guy I was doing all this for who was trying to sell this vehicle who wouldn’t do it himself; oh,well, it only has to be done if it’s going out of state. Anyway I find this man and he turned me around and sent me back up the road past the DMV office to the end of the road if I go straight then go down like I was going to begin with before I’d headed around the curve to the DMV office, which is actually where I was thinking from when I had been there before to the library; I just wasn’t sure anymore once I’d gotten to the DMV office. So I go that way as far as the gas station/convenience store and it’s time to get back to the DMV office, which, sure enough I get there just as they unlock the door from lunch.

But no way am I getting the form, they don’t just hand them out for you to fill them out yourself – you might not do it right and then it’s no good – they have to fill it out so they have to have the title or at least the info off it and why do you need one anyway? so when I start explaining how the guy signed it when he shouldn’t have then oh, no, it can’t be used for that anyway – after she calls downtown to be sure. She has to type up a special paper for him to sign and he has to be there for that himself with the title. Well, I can’t get in touch with him so I head out to go over there. But before I do I ask her about the address and directions to the independent insurance agent and from what she says it seems the first road is on the way to this man’s so I head out to get him to come there and, sure enough there’s the Dippy Dot,  except I lost the fact somewhere along the way that he had to be there so he texted me all the info off the title while I was trying to find the independent insurance agency the owner/title-holder had mentioned (which the actual road wasn’t too far away down this other road but I couldn’t find the actual address because it turned out I was looking for the wrong one since I hadn’t brought it with me since by the time I’d gotten it I, at least felt, needed to leave, which, since I got there right at lunch so then ended up doing all this running, really wasn’t true) which well, she really loved it when I took it back; she just does not understand why he’s not willing to let me have the title itself for her to get the info off of and then of course she’s upset because she says she told me he ended up having to be there after all. Well, he’s left home by that time without the title cause he wasn’t coming there since I’d told him he didn’t have to so he goes home to get the title and come. Meanwhile, as we go over the info he’s given the current title number and previous title number – wait a minute, why does it have a previous title number – oh, that’s because it’s a – what! – a salvage title?! – oh, no, can’t touch it – another phone call downtown – but wait, you don’t understand, oh, no, hope this is not a problem, but this car is going out of state – oh, really, you mean it’s not going to be our problem, well, we don’t have to type up this paper, he doesn’t have to come and here, take this form and be on your way, get out of our hair! But just to be nice she tells me (as opposed to not saying anything)  I might want to check with that state and just make sure you don’t need that paper after all; might want to call them. So I call the guy and tell him he doesn’t have to come after all, then call up there and get put back to the main asst. after they keep wanting to know who I talked with before – how am I supposed to know when they don’t tell me who I’m talking to? well, that’s why they really don’t like to give info over the phone; well, kinda hard to come in when I’m down here and they’re up there but they did tell me to fax a copy, front and back, of the title. So call the guy back and he now wants to run it on down to the  local DMV office for them to do so.  So while I’m calling to see if they can do that I stop at the local bank (and I still couldn’t tell you the name of it because it’s one I’m not familiar with but I should have taken it down as well) and they are so nice and look up this address so I run back down there and, sure enough, find it this time, but there’s a note on the door saying not to come without calling first and don’t do that before noon, which explains the recording earlier. And now the local DMV says they can’t (or won’t) do it so call him back and now he’s willing to run it down to a local gas station that has a fax machine. So while he’s doing that I go back to the bank and tell them what happened and they again are so nice to look up his phone number (which, of course, I also had not brought with me) for me to try to call him. When I do he has no idea what I’m talking about; he’s never sold insurance; he retired from a factory. He only says the sign up because he gots a lot of calls for some business that his number is close to and furthermore he has no idea how his name would have gotten on the website I got it from and wants it taken care of, so of course I don’t have it with me, either, but tell him when I get home I will look it up and try to let him know how to contact them to get it taken care of.  Then now when the out of state local DMV gets the faxed title then it’s blacked out the owner’s name so he can’t see it, which leaves the name of the company that processed the title, which he doesn’t even understand because the two states do things so very differently. Then he almost won’t do anything because it was a year ago yesterday that he signed it except he didn’t notice it was a year ago and thought he just signed it yesterday yet here we were today trying to say it was a mistake; no, it was a year ago, though it was kinda scary at first because he had just had it notarized a week or so ago but that apparently was also blacked out. So he was a little – okay, a lot – more willing then to go forward with it with it being a year ago but he still didn’t understand why he couldn’t just get it titled in his name. I told him that I had been told that they could if they would but they would just keep telling me they couldn’t and asked him if he wanted to see about it. No, not yet, anyway, without being able to see the owner’s name on the title. Now to muddy it even more, we were originally going to just get another in-state salvage title then work on the next step but they didn’t see the sense in doing that when they felt it wasn’t necessary. However, they didn’t know I’d already been told in order to go the next step either the vehicle had to be repaired – just not have to be by a professional – and he was going to do that anyway so I had at first not thought that would be a problem, or at least after I found that out – or be documented as to why it was salvaged, at least and especially in this case with it supposedly being just for hail damage because if so, it wouldn’t have to repaired at all. The problem with that being they kept saying it had to come from the insurance company which we didn’t know who that was ,which was why I’d been trying to find this independent insurance agent, which  didn’t work out anyway. I had contacted the owners and they didn’t remember who they had insurance with but would check with their independent insurance agent they had gotten it through because it was high riskand try to find out but they were afraid they wouldn’t be able to since they were longer insured with them. And of course they’d been closed for the holidays but now of course all that is over so  thought since I was there that I would check with the insurance office of the company that they said they have insurance with now since I knew they have a high risk component and also because I thought I remembered them being right up the main road from where I came into the area from but I didn’t see the sign so before I headed up there I checked with one of the local businesses right there (again, not that I had remembered them before I got there) and they said they had moved on down the road but the sign was still there for the old place so I thought I would run on down there to it and sure enough everything did look empty.  Not sure how checking with the insurance company will work out anyway; however, the local out of state DMV said there should be a “salvage pool” that should have the records. Not sure if that’s how it works here or not. It is true that when I called the state DMV to see about the records because they said they had a way of checking to see if what you put down was accurate that they did say they did but it was private information so not sure if that’s what he’s talking about or not and if so, if it’s just another difference between the states, so guess we’ll see tomorrow.

In the meantime, I also recontacted the person who handles these things who got me the out of state affidavit of correction and helped me get the title app and told her what was going on re wanting to do it through the local DMV and making sure everything was right. She did say then she felt the best way might be to go through a local dealer, then, that we knew.

So now actually in between the first contact with the out of state local DMV and being told needed the local – my state – Affidavit of Correction – I  began making attempt to contact a local dealer that we did know that son had actually bought his very first Honda from, which is now the one he has back that has the engine “blown” up in it, from, yes, the “friend” who had taken over payments on it and paid it off, at least, before he did it – and that’s a whole other story – that, yes, if I haven’t said it before (all this back and forth has my head in somewhat of a spin but somewhere I mentioned the actual title-holder not understanding us needing the documentation because she thought we were only wanting this one for the motor but it doesn’t work in his so that is why we need this whole vehicle) he would like to have one for to see if we could go through him, especially since he somewhat knew the story, anyway, since it was quite a unique situation at the time. However, there was only one person there that day and he was actually buying a vehicle so not a good time to try to talk to them about something like this and I needed to leave to go ahead and go to the local DMV office since he was wanting to go ahead and come down as soon as we got everything in order – should have known. 

In the meantime more rooting and routing.

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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