Mistakes don’t have to be forever

Wow – between my phone issues and those of the company I mentioned in the earlier post that deals with the DMV we’ve had quite a time but we finally managed to get a fax of the Affidavit of Correction saying that the car was misassigned and reassigning it to my son and get it signed by the original assignee to that. I’m so glad he’s here this week – was able to just meet him at that big box of Wal store – was pretty scary though since he lives over the mountain so of course wanted to meet at that one since that’s where he shops but the normal road that we would take from where we would normally be in town 2 girls got killed on this week so I wasn’t too keen on going that route especially when I don’t really like taking that road anyway for just that reason. When hub and I went out it the other day to look at the car it just scared me to be seemingly that close to the edge of that mountain with nothing to stop you from going off all the way down to the valley and that’s not quite what happened but way too close for comfort. Of course I’m not quite sure why we took that road; since I was with him and he normally just goes to town and takes the quickest, shortest route and he was driving I really didn’t think that much about it, but normally if I’m driving it I would have taken the river road; I don’t know, somehow I just feel safer; I know others (like my sister-in-law) who would not want to be that close to water but maybe it’s because I was raised more around water than on a mountain but today I’d found myself on the other side and just not thinking about the fact that I didn’t need to take that road anyway until I was talking with the guys at the bike shop I happened to find mayself at about having to go  and the one mentioned going over the mountain the scenic route and taking the curvearound road – well, duh, yea, that’s the road you get to on the other one and I was already on the other side of it anyway, but I didn’t really want to have to go over the mountain, when the other guy mentioned the fact that the road was just down the road from where I was – well yeah duh, so off I trotted, no biggie or at least not as big as the other one would have been, just made a big curve instead of going straight which was just nice, little longer but nicer and, once again, passed yet somewhere else I’ve been trying to get to, but at least passed it – seems like I usually go around it one way or the other – but still seems never have time to stop, this time needing to get back to meet hub for our annual Christmas concert – so maybe another time – anyway offtrack – got the Affidavit signed.

Now we just need to get the application for new title – new salvage title, that is.

About donnainthesouth

I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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