More tilting at windmills

Back to somewhat the beginning of this blog – with my oldest son –

Only this time it’s a car

He got on Craigslist and found a car down here where I live (remember – or did I ever say this? – that we don’t live in the same state) – now, why, I don’t know – but anyway,  what appeared to be a good deal – except, always, you know – there was a problem with the title – it has a salvage title – well, normally no problem, right, you get fixed whatever’s wrong, get a rebuilt title, and go on with your life.

Now the guy first said the insurance (?) did fix what was wrong – now, wait, they fixed it? but then got a salvage title issued? no, turned out no, they didn’t fix it – so why did he say they did – well, it turns out it wasn’t his car at the time – oh, wait, another big deal. If it had been, then yes, no problem – now – because they just changed that law last year – that if it is, then you can just get it fixed, get a rebuilt title, and go on with your life   – but – if it isn’t – then – oh, no, – you have to get a rebuilder’s license (assuming of course, that you can, but that’s another whole deal) that costs $1000 + a $10,000 bond +? garage liability insurance in order to be able to get the car repaired?! Yes, in my state. Now, let me say this car is “only” salvaged for hail damage – yes, just hail damage, just cosmetic, no road or driveable problems at all – but also no exceptions in my state. Now my son’s state does make exceptions for hail damage – the car would be branded as such, would not have to be repaired, just have it inspected – no rebuilder’s license required – and go on with your life.

There is also one other route to go to be able to get a rebuilder’s title in my state, which is actually the more common route; after all, how many people go through the hassle of obtaining their own rebuilder’s license? No, they go through an already established rebuilder. And (or should I say but and therein lies the rub – oh groan) yes, you have to sign the title over to them. Now, as I said, this is quite common but it does involve some trust and/or possibly some documentation that when the process is all over they will sign it back over to you, which seems to  possibly be the issue in this situation. Seems as if the man didnt know any – therefore know any he trusted – to go through.

So what’s the problem then, you say? well, in my state if it wasn’t in your name at the time and you don’t follow all those above steps you can’t get it titled in your name, which normally even in my son’s state would make it impossible to resell it – unless – you happen to have not ever signed the back of the title taking possession of the vehicle. However, in this case, he did do that not knowing all of these ramifications – first of all, never noticing the title said salvage – wonderful fine print, you know – then not knowing what that meant when he had it pointed out to him – at the courthouse when he went to get it titled. It’s possible the people he bought it from didn’t know to tell him for it’s quite common for the insurance companies to not tell anybody themselves – surprise, right. However, it turned out there was more to that story. But for now, let’s segue into our going to see the car.

Hub and I went out there on a fine – but cold – beautiful Saturday and looked and he drove the car. The guy told us that the driver’s side door had been dented up pretty bad and his daughter’s boyfriend had taken it and beaten hit back out and it appeared to us he apparently had done a pretty good job; you could tell it had a dent but it did not really look bad at all. However, since the car was supposedly only totaled for hail damage, therefore that not really having anything to do with any of the legalities, we really didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to any of the details regarding it. Did you catch that?

Also son’s state is a notary state – titles have to notarized in order to be transferred. Now my state is not but son of course wanted to have the title notarized which in my state, of course, is no problem, so the guy goes right down and gets it done, but of course only his signature because of course he’s the only one there, which really isn’t or shouldn’t be a problem because son hasn’t signed it yet – except even I’m not really sure how he did that because I didn’t see anywhere on the title for it to be done my state not requiring it, you see, but it turns out that a salvage title in my state doesn’t follow the regular rules regarding assigning to subsequent owners, which normally can’t be done unless they are dealers,  so it could be signed and notarized in the dealer place. However, I made contact with a company that specializes in these types of cases and she said there’s an affidavit that can be filled out, signed, and notarized stating that he didn’t take possession of the vehicle – yes, even though he had signed the back of that title, which normally would mean in the out of state state it would have to be titled in his name, which of course is the issue in getting it done in this state.  And, yes, technically it really should not be done that way since he does have possesssion of the vehicle. She did say the other way was to go through a dealer, which she works with,  but she felt she’d rather handle this directly going this way.   I was going to try to explain this to him, but of course that would be when I would have phone issues and be leaving, etc., but since I didn’t think he would be able to get the title done, I thought I’d be able to work it out, but then he said he was able to, so I didn’t get it done, but at least he will be here all week. He normally works out of state during the week so he can only take care of these types of things on the weekend so then only on Saturday mornings when the places that do it are open.

So I will get back with them and let them know; I should have already but these phone issues are making it difficult but we’ll work it out somehow.

We’ll see.

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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