60 years passed on

Picking up from the last post – as I had to leave it –  the jist of the visit with friends is that they will be selling their big freezer – that will be big enough to put deer in  (as in plural  – if son gets more than one, which is the hope) – as we did put the one we did get last year (as in the meat   – not as in son got it) in our over-the-fridge freezer so we decided not to get dad’s so we didn’t take the trailer because we forgot about the boxes – or rather I’m not sure we fully realized how big or really how many there were so how much room they would take up – I think I at least just thought we could just throw them in the back of the jeep – uh,no, at least not without putting the luggage up on top – we don’t have a carrier but at least we do have a rack – but even then there would have been no way to just take them as is – so…..

here we go – tearing into them and going through them – and, yes, mom, all that “stuff” that really wasn’t important – and I knew that – you just didn’t want to go through it yourself when you moved or after – it just got thrown into that utility room – in the way – making it less of a “utility” room – cause really what utility was it for anyway – and more of just a storage room – we did get rid of – filling up the big trash can besides what we did take to – again – the local thrift shop – but then still filling up the back of the jeep with what I did keep that I did think was important – I did try, mom, really.

Oh, and we checked the vintage floor model stereo you found in the attic of the new house – though I don’t know how in the world ya’ll got it down – no wonder the other people left it – though I’m not sure why they put it up there but more to the point as I think about who owned the house – that young couple – and the fact they built it – why did they have it – did it come from their parents? I wish I’d thought to ask when I saw them when he died but there were more pressing issues at the time – like daddy –

oh and found out today – runs in the family but I’ll save that –

anyway the stereo – radio sounds good – but we were checking the record player – cause one thing we ended up not bringing after everything else was the box of albums and the other, portable stereo – but the needle (at least I think it had one) arm was not connected fully and it would take a really fine solderer to fix it –

now sorry mom but true – I realized today – our new neighbor might have that skill as well as all the others he had –

he fixed the brakes on hub’s good jeep –

but we couldn’t have brought it anyway –

now we could have left it for another time –

but it wasn’t something that was ya’lls anyway – not part of your history – you never end tried to use it – though I wish you had –

you had all those albums –

but you know ya’ll had one of those too –

so what happened to it –


at least I’m pretty sure that wasn’t it – not what ya’ll said –

you surely didn’t put it up there, did you? –

so assuming – based on what ya’ll said – that it wasn’t yours –

and since they have a new Restore store in town now –

and son was with us –

they took it there, maybe somebody else will enjoy it.

I do hope so but not us, sorry.

And I could not believe how many canning jars you had – though I do wonder how many belonged to my aunts who had begun to send food down to you and dad after you quit having a garden of your own – did you return those jars or are they yours –

you know daddy, he was going to give them back to them – not out of a sense that they belonged to them – he didn’t care of course if they were yours – he just knows he’s not going to use them – but I might but believe it or not with all that I did bring I couldn’t bring all of them – though I did bring some – what I found strange, though, was that they weren’t all boxed up – actually I found it strange how much wasn’t actually boxed up –

actually to be honest a whole lot of what we got rid of was what was not boxed up – maybe they realized it too and didn’t box up what wasn’t worth keeping after all for the most part even though there was quite a bit that was too –

oh, and mom we took your hair dryer off too – sorry but I’m probably not going to use it – I may regret it when I get older but I guess we’ll see then.

but you would not believe what we did with those jars to keep daddy from getting rid of them until I could see about them – yes, we got out there in that little building with his rickety old ladder – I cannot believe it -we did get some more stuff down out of there – I can hardly believe that either – more Christmas stuff – Amanda will be glad of that – though mom was it really yours up there – actually I don’t think so – I think it’s more of all that extraneous stuff of other people’s that got stuck up there – so I don’t think it will be a problem to tell you that we ended up getting rid of most of that as well – again not all of it but a lot.

But I did keep – and I kept – the pretty Christmas doll and the wagon and I did get the poinsetta

So anyway we put the jars up there – don’t think he’ll be getting up there – then when it’s time to get them we’ll hopefully take our good ladder. At least the jars that were boxed up, cause like I said we found a bunch that weren’t – that were in those nice wooden boxes you had –

those are the ones we brought with the boxes, some of the nicer baskets, which, yes, Amanda got one for her nuts she got – oh, and we got the good nut cracker – at least I don’t think daddy will be using it – though sitting here typing this I wonder if he would like to have some – I may have to try to find out –

oh, and you would not believe hub insisted on bringing your pressure cookers – and maybe the canner, I’m not sure – but mom I found one after I got here that’s new – I think I may just see about – we still have the issue with the gaskets with them, so I don’t know.

I found crafts to do with the jars I brought but a friend of mine wants to have a garden next year and so does Amanda – she was talking about it here but today she told me they found a house yesterday just up the street to move to with a big backyard so we’ll see about that, too… maybe be getting some home-canned goods next year –

oh, and we got salsa, but I’ll save that one

we couldn’t get the pot and barrel but we’ll see..etc.

could be I did take too much because with the time we took with the boxes wasn’t much time or energy for anything else but I still think I brought the most important stuff –

okay, jars, Christmas, boxes, another of the glass jugs for another of son’s friends – I know you don’t quite like that but mom it’s nice he has so many friends –

oh, but wait a minute I forgot the thing that really took up a lot of room but really I’m not sure what we would have done otherwise anyway but we had to make sure we brought the little kitchen we got when I was up there in the spring and hub came up – oh, you’ve missed the new little Mennonite store just down the road – I do hate that cause I know how you always wanted to go to the ones way out in the country when you could get there which I know you couldn’t very often anymore – anyway it wasn’t open yet then but they had a yard sale and had this – they have a little girl, too – so yes, then I got it for Abby but really she’s gotten too old and Amanda wanted one for Eliza (did you realize she was your namesake) for her dishes for her first birthday so we had to bring it down here for her – that whole thing has changed anyway since you’ve been gone – and I do hate that

We got the globe for her too though you wouldn’t believe it – they have interactive ones now!

got some more of the books

but I think the thing that meant the most to me – at least right now – maybe because of the time of year –

was the pretty wrought iron autumn basket with the leaves and the pumpkins on the handle –

I set it out when I got home for fall de
corating and even though I’m going to set out the Christmas stuff and will probably feel the same way then right now as I think about putting it up I’m really missing you

though I think there’s more to it than that –

I started this before the holiday – before Thanksgiving – but now it’s after – and even though we went up there before and took daddy out to eat at the new nice restaurant – there was a time you would have enjoyed – well, there was a time when you both would have – you didn’t get to and he didn’t really – and then when Thanksgiving came it still wasn’t the same going before -and we didn’t go to stay here with the others – we wanted to be with him, meet him somewhere or bring him down but he didn’t want to and it hurt even though but I’ll save that –

but I remembered you more I think this year than last having what I knew you loved with me.

Thanks, mom – I miss you

Love you




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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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