Dead Man Walking

 Now I basically finally did the last post to get to this one;

Just as dad wanted to go ahead and just get rid of mom’s stuff, not that he was trying to get rid of her, he just never has been one to like a lot of extraneous stuff hanging around; he had wanted to see her do that for a long time and in many ways I wish she and/or I and/or he had just done it; I think it would have relieved her mind and made things easier to deal with in a lot of ways but it was hard to have time to do that and take care of her at the same time (though like I said maybe if I could have gotten in done in there somewhere, although I did take advantage of every opportunity I felt; there was just so much, I just couldn’t get it all done)

the young girl’s father (grandfather) that she lost recently that I posted about his widow apparently felt somewhat the same way; it may have taken a little longer, it’s been around a month;

how do I know because it was the last birthday party for youngest son’s cousin – one of the 5 – but that’s another story

anyway, over last weekend they had a yard sale – do you feel special when they call and tell you they’re having one and have some stuff they think you might be able to use?  – 

now we’d gone back up to dad’s – yes, Veteran’s Day, instead of Thanksgiving this year and that’s another story – and then especially this year 11-11-11 I really wish in many ways we’d actually made more of an effort to handle the trip differently but again we’ll save that one – it was pretty cold and windy anyway – wasn’t there a president who got out in weather like that – maybe his inauguration and got pneumonia and died a month later? anyway

so while we were gone his friend who was here went and got – how many? – several pair of cowboy boots – oh, I didn’t tell you, this man was a big horseman, though we didn’t know that about him until we went to the funeral home and saw the pictures – nice ones, too – Dan Post and such – can you say drool? oh my son

but now, he’s gotten some good deals along the way – Laredo and such – Redwing – picked one  pair up at a pawn shop – always wonder about the story behing such things – ordered one pair came from New York – and yes, we’ve now seen the style here, though we had no idea what the young lady was talking about with cowboy boots being latest dress up style – no, cowboy boots are for cowboys – but no, not long after we began to see it – 

then last night it was here – on my own front porch – no way! oh, well, way! still crazy I think but that’s another something else – and then all this anyway

after he’d said he was going to quit wearing them all the time anyway

so anyway it didn’t really matter anyway because they were all too small anyway; it was just one of those things but glad for his friends

however, people are sized so differently because even though he must have had smaller feet he must have been built larger in other areas because

he had a lot of those Western snap shirts son loves so much – we just didn’t realize he was so much that way!

they were too big for his friend so they saved those for him and I’m not sure what they were actually selling – oh, yea, things like the boots but the 

shirts they just wanted to get rid of and just gave him them then

they’d had the whole family into it so they even had one for me  – a long sleeve to get out in – to go along with all the ones I found a deal on at Tractor Supply – yes, clothes there, for me – he likes for me to wear them with him  – plus I do like them to but they are hard to find except in certain places – like the bandana shirt I found last year

then they even had a nice dress for daughter-in-law much like the one I just got her at our Christmas in November – oh that’s another one then

the box went to that son who has to wear button-ups for work along with some pants that young one couldn’t wear; yes, he’s bigger than older brother, but pretty much always was built that way – the older one is a string bean

oh, and then younger one got his trapper outfit this week

point being – get rid of them all right already – let somebody else use them – especially that will really appreciate them! 


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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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