60 years worth

 Remember the fire? and all the boxes they boxed up out of the utility room and garage that dad’s just had up there waiting for me to come go through because I didn’t just rush up there at the time and get there before they started. I still hate all the work they did for nothing because I knew there were a lot of things there that mom had just put out there when they moved that she really should have just gotten rid of then but that’s a whole other story – how they basically just moved overnight – and pretty much bought a house fully decorated – the people that had it didn’t want to take their stuff with them – maybe that’s what she should have done, only I know the people who got her house wouldn’t have kept her stuff – and here we go again – she didn’t want to think they would just get rid of it – even though, again, she always said that’s what I’d probably do –

so guess what we did – now, had we taken the trailer like we were going to do – when we were going to get the freezer – we would probably have just loaded up the boxes and brought them to my house, put them in the garage and then what? – but since we just happened to

get invited to some friends after church the Sunday before the trip – haven’t actually done that in a while – now with son going with us – now that was somewhat strange – or was it because we were going – because they have a son, older, that he’s friends with – was that why they asked us – really, because of him, did they have this planned, because he usually goes out to eat with his friends or over to one of their houses after church, anywhere but home with us or was it just because we weren’t going home? there’s a lot more to this story than that

anyway they are remodeling – we were working on our houses at about the same time – hub helped with theirs when their hub got down in his back – so then couldn’t return the favor, not that way at least, though he’s helped us a lot – he’s owned a small engine repair shop, lawn mowers/weed eathers/chain saws, such like, etc.

mainly they didn’t really finish their kitchen when they built; as their daughters have married and moved out they moved their laundry area from their back utility room into a closet of a combo bedroom/office they had; they really built it for that at the time but their poor son they kinda just threw him wherever, one of the places being there not really as his own bedroom not then but then he got one of the girls so now they’re turning it into a closet for themselves; it backs up to their master bath

that same idea wouldn’t work for us; we built our utility room off our kitchen as well;  I wanted to put in a bath area as well  then if we’d just extended it we could have put a master suite there as well like they did – but we didn’t

but I’m not sure what they did before but now that they’ve moved their washer/dryer out they have a large freezer; the size of mom’s/dad’s but

now that they want to turn that area into a closet they want to sell it

so don’t know if you remember about the freezer but the fire melted the gasket  –

and it’s so old you can’t find a replacement except

for the roll which

you can’t find anymore at hardware stores – so

the only place you can find it is at a specialty antique/vintage appliance shop

and they don’t have any specifically for that model so

you have to take a picture or snip a piece and let them try to match it

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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