Neck doc said good to go! Oh, did I not get that far that after the fall and after the crisis he still was complaining about his neck so got sent back for more X-rays and wanted to go a CT scan. That was an experience cause even though VA doc would authorize the local guys to do X-ray cause cheap wouldn’t the CT scant cause so much more expensive had to go the local ER to get their doc to and ASAP – run, don’t walk, do not pass go, do not collect $200 – no, don’t run, don’t walk, get a wheelchair, call an ambulance – oh, wait a minute, we’re still at the hospital from the X-ray, haven’t left yet, remember supposed to be here where you sent us for the other crisis, oh, yea, we’ll just walk right over here through these doors and all the way down to the ER, then to registration to explain to them we’ve been sent here to have a CT scan done that your people said had to be done, wasn’t too bad, got called in, got done, neck broken in 3 places, put in C-collar, need a consult ASAP but of course the one local doc turns out is in surgery and office is closed so no one knew that, next local docs all at a conference which of course no one at the transfer center knew either and the ER doc didn’t even know about the other next local doc cause no one had bothered to inform him; no one at the next local VA would have to go 4 hrs. away, otherwise could go 2 hrs. one way or 3 the other with it being half way back to my house so tried to contact somebody there but they in surgery too but said if come on would see us when we got there.

Well, by now we’re expecting surgery and ER doc says even though we really should go by surgery he’s going to let us go on our own (even though he has us, well, him sign a paper saying we’re leaving against medical advice which I should have picked up on but he’s so upset by that point which is why doc’s not having him go by ambulance that I’m just glad we can leave) so we decide to go by the house and get packed then he wants to be sure they really are expecting us so he wants us to call down there which when we do they keep transfering us to his office which doesn’t know anything about it so we keep calling the hospital back then by the time we finally get somebody to understand it’s so late he doesn’t want to go at all by then, at least not that evening. It had been so late and so long at the local hospital that by this point it would be dark and almost bedtime by the time we would get there and he’s absolutely worn out and wants to just wait until in the morning.

So then getting a chance to sit down we find a message from the local ER doc saying he got a message from the local doc who was in surgery who’d gotten his message and looked at the images and thought he would be fine over the weekend anyway and he could see him in his office on Monday. Oh, yea, btw, this wall on Friday which was why his office was closed. Now remember this means that if we go on to the hospital 3 hours away in the morning it’s going to be on Saturday. But, oh well, he doesn’t quite get that that would make any difference and wants to go anyway so since we supposedly were supposed to have already gone we go ahead and go. But of course then the doc we were supposed to see isn’t there. Now of course they talk to him but that’s not like him actually seeing the actual images himself. And yes, the local ER did make copies for us to take, one thing that took so long. And they also didn’t take any of their own which we thought they would.

Two things in that; if they’d been able to just send the images we wouldn’t have had to make the trip if we’d known they weren’t going to make their own and we’d have known that if they’d been able to see them; they felt they were clear enough to not do that. That’s one of the things regarding the new health care law that they want to expand that capability for just that reason.  Also, then we would have known they didn’t feel the need for surgery, that they didn’t see the same images the same way. The local doc said his neck was displaced; they didn’t see it that way. They did say if he were younger they’d put him in a halo but not as his age. Now that was somewhat disconcerting; does that mean the elderly don’t get the same quality of care or does it actually reflect the reality of their age.  Turns out we knew someone the same age who was put in one and it did not help after being put through all of that so that I don’t have a problem with other than wishing we could have known that without going. We were concerned, however, that the reading wasn’t accurate since the actual doc wasn’t actually there, it being Saturday. The other thing that did happen with us going was he complained about the collar he had so they replaced it with one he complained about more then told us to call to make an appointment to come back in 2 weeks since they also couldn’t even do that on Saturday and sent us home.

So then since they didn’t do anything after we went all the way down there he then wanted to call and go see the local doc who’d said he would see him so we did that and he wanted to do surgery which dad wanted to do since, after all, that’s what he went to see him for, was for him to “fix it”. But he again thought he was going to do it right then so then when they couldn’t because they couldn’t get a operating room and would have to wait a week he once then decided it must not be that important so we cancelled.

It’s been a long story. Anyway we found out afterwards that that doctor seems to be surgery happy; other people recommended we not have it done by him; he was not really qualified, that if we were going to have it done we go with somebody else and also found out that he did his best friend’s wife and she says he made her a cripple, which we sure didn’t want.  So then he wanted to see what the local primary doc that he didn’t want to go back to to begin with but where he went at the very beginning (who, remember was also mom’s doctor) would have to say so we did and of course he went along with it which of course if that’s what he was going to do he wasn’t going to accept anyway cause then he wanted to know what his VA doctor would say.

So he had to go back there the next day for something else anyway so we took all the records to be given to him to look at and decide except once again no images because the other doc and the other hospital both kept what we’d had and gotten but figured get them again depending but thought since he didn’t even have this much start with that. Except by the time he finally did get to look at them, which took a while because he was in training, he didn’t feel comfortable taking that on; he wanted him to see another specialist, one that they’d worked with in the past but by the time they decided that it would be Friday again and his office would be closed. So by then with having just gone through all of this with another health situation he has I’d made contact with the higher-ups that they were going to actually have to go through anyway I just called her and she recommended another doctor anyway who’s new because the one they’d worked with had retired anyway.  Now a week had gone by and we were supposed to see a doc in 2 so now the only person we can see by the 2 week mark is his P.A. but they tell us he will be there if we want to see him so we go ahead and schedule the appt.

So now at 2 weeks out we go and he tells him he’s got to stay in it for 3 months!

But then he realizes he’s not the actual doc and he wants to hear that from him but by then it will be Friday again but at least this time when I call we can get on in the next morning to see the actual doctor, which we then do who tells him the same thing. Now both of them want to see him back in 3 weeks only now he can see the actual doctor again when he comes back so where the original 3-wk. out appt. was going to be on Mom’s birthday it will now be a week later which was yesterday!

Now all this time they’ve been like don’t move your neck! you could be paralyzed! And he would move it and say it wasn’t hurting or sore like it was
just one spot.

So he goes to the doctor yesterday and he says since he can move it so well that one spot is probably arthritis. He takes X-rays, says they show it’s healed; they just can’t show whether it’s actually healed all the way through but it’s at least enough he’s out of danger and he dismisses him – just says to call if he needs him! he can throw that C-collar away!

So he made it through in time for summer and mowing time – so one more summer!

And he’s not depending on his nephew to sharpen his mower blade and tear up his mower any more and he’s going to have to have the shop for that ole tore-up thing; a friend of older son’s who’s mowed it a couple times through this is going to do that, too, and get him ready. Same son also took him to the doc yesterday so I didn’t even make that trip which was good in some other ways even if he did take off work to do it – oh, that’s another story – and there’s more but

neck healed!


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