The 18 yr. Moon

 Remember the moon being the closest to the sun in 18 yrs. – how big it seems! Well, seems my 92 yr. old dad on his regular nightly trek out onto his back deck was trying to see in a little too well and got dizzy and turned around and fell off his deck – over his steps – he said later he could see the ground coming up to meet him but couldn’t do anything about it. He had those concrete pavers as a sidewalk at the bottom of the deck separated like they usually are but we had put them together when mom was still here but not walking too well to make it easier for her; somewhat wish now we’d just put them all together and made like a little landing instead of putting the 2 horizontal with the points straight toward the stairs for him to land right on and gash his head! He didn’t think he was down long but who knows really? But he was able to get up and get back in the house so he didn’t push his life-alert button I got for him last year after mom died; yea, after all the times of it going off needlessly then when he needed it he didn’t use it but of course in his mind it was for when he couldn’t get up – dripping blood but of course you do bleed a lot when you cut your head so he didn’t really think that much about that; he just put some tissue on it to stop it and went on to bed. Of course he couldn’t really see his head that well.

I’m just so thankful that it was on a Monday night since he had just told me that sometimes he goes all week without anybody coming over. No, his neighbors that I thought were going to be are not really. But on Tuesdays a church from down the road brings him a home-cooked meal. Turns out one of the neighbors who’d been out of town when mom died when she got back goes to that church and is in charge of it and brings on to the widower across the street so started it for him too. We’d thought all this time it might have been some of mom’s family that lives out that way even though they never had anything to do with each other although they showed up at the funeral home and I didn’t even know them when they spoke to me; they had to tell me who they were.  I should have known it wouldn’t have been them but otherwise we had no idea so was pleasantly surprised to find this out.

I’m just glad, too, it was the new person who’d just started; well, apparently not too new but she hasn’t lived in the area long but she’s been delivering long enough that she knew that he usually met her in the garage and that day he didn’t and his door was still down so she came to the front door and rang the doorbell. I’m not sure if she looked through the window of the door into his living room where I think you can seem him if he’s sitting in his recliner; I just know the neightbors across the street said they were able to see him one night (that might be the difference) when his Life-Alert had gone off and they’d gotten called. Anyway maybe she could but she just couldn’t get him to the door but she must not have because she said she had just about decided he wasn’t home and was going to leave but she just hadn’t because it was just so unusual because he’d always made sure he was there when he finally made it to the door and I’m going to learn how to put these pix on here – she said he looked like something out of a horror movie – he had 2 black eyes and a gaping wound in his head. She told him he really needed to go to a doctor and be seen even though he just didn’t realize how bad he was; she said if she had not been able to get him to tell her he would go she was going to stay with him until somebody came without realizing what she was saying. She had no idea I didn’t live there. She called her preacher who called the neighbor in charge who was one of the ones who didn’t know either, though before it was all over she did. They also didn’t know about the list he has on his wall by where we moved the phone to with our numbers on it, again, because they’d never been in the house. Others said later she should have just call 9-1-1 but I’m not so sure and I think she wasn’t either that would have really worked. I’m just glad he was able to drive out there to the hospital to the doctor’s office where when they took one look at him they took him straight to the ER. She told me later he looked the worse of anybody she’d seen in sixteen years; so bad that when he’d taken his cap off that, yes, he’d worn, she screamed and the doctor, who was in his office came out and was actually the one who sent him to ER.

So he gets down there and his wound is so deep plus it being the next day they do the deep stitch and leave it open to air heal from the inside out. Now even though we had had our names put in the computer as contacts they’d changed the rules – without telling anybody – so that that wasn’t sufficient anymore; you had to – he had to – sign the release form for them to tell us anything or even call – or then they said he had to tell them to call us – like that’s probably going to happen at least in a situation like this where he still doesn’t really think anything is all that bad – which they also said unless he’s brought in by ambulance unconscious or obviously delirious they won’t automatically call – they just gave him a couple of prescriptions and let him go to follow-up with his doctor. Now that in itself might have been okay since he just went right by the drugstrore and got them filled, an antibiotic and something for pain, at least if they had paid a little more attention like they used to to ask about an antibiotic ointment, which was on his discharge papers for him to get to put on his head but since you can buy it over-the -counter they didn’t write him a prescription nor did they probably actually tell him. They just expected him to read the papers, at least that’s what I was told later. He certainly didn’t remember being told anything about it but then he didn’t actually remember even going to the ER; he was still telling people he just went to the doctor.  Oh, they did take a neck X-ray but didn’t find anything.

Then the next day is when he wakes up in pain with his neck so bad he can’t drive but just think he’ll just call oldest son to come get him and take him up to the chiropractor. Wrong – they take one look at him and tell him he needs to see a doctor. When he tells them he just went the day before and who and they call that’s when they find out they’d sent him to the ER. When they find that out they definitely won’t do anything until he sees a doctor. He still doesn’t realize how bad he’s hurt; he just knows he doesn’t want to go back out to the doctor again the next day; now he seems to be thinking a little more that day because that doctor is a walk-in so at least you don’t have to have an appointment but it also mean that a lot of times you have a long wait and he just doesn’t feel like sitting and waiting. Now it may have been that way that day with having his head sewn up and not appearing to be in quite so emergent a state but the day before he certainly didn’t sit and wait; there must have not been anyone at the front desk or he looked that bad because he just went right on through back to the doctor’s office.  Now the chiropractor is right across the parking lot from the new local VA clinic where he normally goes to the doctor anyway. He actually hadn’t been to the other doctor in about 5-6 years. But you don’t normally go to the VA doctor except on a regularly scheduled appointment although I think they are changing that but thankfully when I called and got the nurse they’d just had a cancellation so he was able to get in although for all the good it did since he didn’t have the records from the day before so he wouldn’t do anything but fortunately he already had an appointment scheduled for Monday not that that’s great but at least it was that close.

Now speaking of close I’m going to and to bed; I’ll finish this another time.


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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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