Prodigal Daughter does show up

 Did spend the day at the hospital; dil called; everything going smooth, cousin even helped wash dishes, maybe because he was allowed to; kinda hard to help someone who won’t let you.

When got there (4 hrs. after they were told to be there) they’d just taken him back, then apparently things were worse than they’d been told so told it would take longer; was going to have to do a more extensive procedure, one they normally do but not normally if they’re considered high-risk which he was which is why they initially weren’t going to do it but then realized was what needed to be done so quite concerned but he made it fine but then just had to stay in recovery longer, not necessarily because of him but probably didn’t hurt but because they were so full they didn’t have any beds.

Another man there said his father-in-law was in ICU for the same reason.

But we finally got one – then just as we were all about to go in – the previously mentioned brother – whose, btw, wife was there this time; worked on school stuff, at least when he wasn’t right there –  got a phone call asking where exactly to turn to get there and then what to do, as in he told them to go to the parking garage that costs $2 to get out of. Wondered who would be coming that would be calling him who wouldn’t know all that.

Went to see him then since he was staying so we weren’t all leaving left them to their private family time.

Cafeteria on 2nd floor where we ate earlier – that turned into an interesting experience for another time.

Passed the Grab’N’Go went to last time but decided to go rather than grab this time.

Around the corner, down the hall, and there’s the Prodigal Daughter and her husband.

That’s who called.

Said her mother knew she was coming, just didn’t say that she wanted her there.

Brother must have been very concerned but still find intriguing that she was told about her dad to even know to come; did he know she was coming? certainly didn’t seem surprised by the call but he can be very cool but I feel he did, feel like he even felt she should; after all, he is her dad, too; maybe that does triumph after all. At least the timing was good for her to be able to even though she still wasn’t actually supposed to but again that is her dad, after all, and especially with brother letting her know, oh yes, she’s going to be there. The timing of the day was intriguing as well with her getting there just as he gets in a room and all the visitors who helped the family with the waiting gone.

But son is still with son and that’s what I wanted to know about but no, she still didn’t want to see, talk, or have anything to do with him.

Did let dil know.

But he hadn’t wanted to come or call all day or at least felt they didn’t want him to. And still or even more so felt that way then.

But I wanted to know what was going on. Asked her to come by; didn’t think she was going to be there long..

But she said she wouldn’t have time; had to be back by a certain time (as in really wasn’t even supposed to be there at all so how could that be?)
This from the cousin who always had time before. Does it have anything to do with the 2 sons/cousins having to do with each other and her not wanting anything to do with her son?

So asked about waiting for her/them. She didn’t respond. Now there’s basically only one way in and out of that place and I waited 3-1/2 hours and never saw them.

Did get an idea that she could be out for about another 1/2 hr. from then before she would have to head back to get there by the time we expected she had to be back.

Oh,  interesting, after about 1/2 hour here came the brother and sister-in-law; I really didn’t think he would leave her there with his parents without him.

Do wonder how mom felt about that.

Or is this another example of him overriding her or another example of her saying it that way when maybe it’s not quite that way.
She’d just told me she didn’t even feel toward her as her daughter anymore but could that change with her actually coming to see her daddy, at least at the hospital where it’s all in one room where she would stay – or would she? The last time she came she gave her her privacy but then that’s where all this started. She was tired and had already expressed that nobody understood that in relation to someone staying with her but I didn’t feel free to at that point. I possibly thought either the son or dil would, though didn’t really expect it and sure enough they didn’t, so I just hope things did go all right.

Now during all this son just had to pick that time to take a nap so just kept waiting even though felt with brother and sil gone and seemingly finding out more about the time frame felt she would take advantage of spending as much time with her daddy as she could.

The son woke up, working son came in, dil told him mom and step-dad in town, son called and they almost back home.

Very interesting how missed – if there were another way out, which of course there would be; it just wouldn’t be the usual, but that would be all right if you were trying to avoid someone; she would take it.  She really didn’t want to see me.

I guess not when your kid has found out you’ve ruined his credit by abusing it yourself all his life.

But would handle it if would just still be willing to have something to do with him but apparently since can’t do it anymore…


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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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