Another Death

 Today was the memorial service for the sister of a dear friend. She was only almost 50 years old but developed cancer. She and my friend had been close growing up – there were several more in the family but they were basically the two closest together – but had gone completely different ways when they became adults. However, in the past few years they had reconnected so when she got sick my friend first went to California and spent time with her then more recently after she had moved to Maine she went again and was able to actually make the connection again they’d had before. She was so thrilled then even more so when her sister’s husband came along with her. So when she actually passed away he had the service, not in Maine where they lived, but in the state where they – she and her sister and the rest of the family – all grew up and their parents still live. So my friend and her husband went up along with their daughter, husband and family, their son, their daughter who just got married last fall and moved to Florida and her brother and his family. 

I just wish I’d gone as well. It had to be the week my jeep went out on me but I probably wouldn’t have driven anyway. Oh why didn’t I think to get in touch with her sister-in-law; I’m sure I could have gone with them. But what with our little one being sick; oh, why didn’t they just get the good teething medicine like we told them to to begin with?! Some things you just can’t cheap out on! Probably would have saved that doctor and ER visit besides her being so miserable!

Then this had to be the week that older son had crisis but dear hub came through exceedingly on that one except for what’s going to happen next month? The economics are really changing. So many jobs just aren’t out there but more business opportunities are but then some of those you thought were aren’t what you thought; they’re there but not the way you thought. (then there may be jobs starting with the stimulus money – we’ll see how that goes)

Then some things that seemed too good to be true turn out to be but then some things don’t.

He thought he’d found 2-1/2 acres of land with mobile home and well for – yes – $2500. We were ready to snatch it up – if all the legalities were in place – like the vehicles – but then it did indeed turn out not to be. Turns out wasn’t for sale at all. The information came third-hand. 

Not sure about the business opportunity; called yesterday, supposed to go see today. 

But another friend seems to have gotten a wonderful opportunity for a new home she desperately needed. Story for another time.

But all of that plus still working on issues from before I just didn’t get it worked out so this morning it just really bothered me.

Especially since she got up and came with my mother-and sister-in-law when mom died 5 hours and 2 states away –

  oh, I hadn’t mentioned that – I’ll get there – can you not tell there’s been nothing else going on?

I did text her this morning – there were people who did that when I was gone with all the deaths going on with me and it did mean so much to know people were thinking about me when I was gone – and I did hear back from her – I hope it helped.

Hope it helps her brother and I hope it helps her sister’s husband and her children.

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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