Motorcycle Meltdown

 More catch-up

In the midst of all the drama with our little one (well, actually just before – on my Birthday even! I mean, come on!) got a phone call from the oldest son – my motorcycle mania one – the one who SOLD his motorcycle he’d just spend all this money (when he had it – that he’d saved when he was working and making good AND able to save because he didn’t have his golddigging drama queen “girlfriend” anymore”) on to fix it up – only to have all these complications when he went to register it because it turned out he didn’t get a title with it but because of it’s age (a 80s or was it even 70s) he was able to get a unknown previous title or something like that – anyway we got it worked out – and, yes, I say, we, because this is when I was up there taking care of my mom last year. Anyway after going through all of that then the crash hit and he ran out of work then the money he’d saved so ended up selling the bike after not really riding it all that much.

But that only seemed to fuel the mania; not really sure exactly yet what’s been behind this but the friend he’d been living with the past year that they moved into the house in the country together with just before the ice storm hit a couple years ago without said friend’s wife; that she’d already left from when they lived in the town house; ended up moving back in; they have a long story regarding her daughter and a bad time in her life ending up with her losing her daughter to and old boyfriend, not even the girl’s dad! when she took her to him to stay while she got her head together – (sounds like a nightmare situation to me) – anyway, they were going to try to get her back last summer – except – they (the girl and man and wife, I think?) keep moving across the state line so you can’t know where to go to court. However, as part of that they have to have her a bedroom in place, which would mean taking the one son had been keeping for his daughter but since he only has her part-time (yes, I know, another big drama that’s in the past) when he had opportunity to move out he took advantage of it.

But turns out place he moved to “just happens” to be right next door to another motorcycle “enthusiast” that also turns out to be another old “buddy” he went to high school with. Seems he’d living out of the area laying cable or some such in Kansas and had just moved back.

Anyway he not only had one bike but two. So now they can go riding together. Now remember I knew nothing of any of this.

So on my birthday I get a phone call that he’d gone out the day before (a Sunday – should have been in church) and laid it down on his shoulder. Maybe he should have had that leather jacket on! even if it did have a broken zipper. Been trying to get him to get it fixed all summer. Oh, yea, this was in November – on Sunday (well, that was October) before little one went to the hospital on Thursday.

But the really bad part is that he was supposed to go register for welding classes that day so of course he didn’t feel like it.

Yes, he did wind up going to ER – after buddy came back and got the bike off him – he couldn’t do it himself – when he realized he’d messed up his shoulder. He didn’t break or even fracture it like mom did when she fell. And he didn’t even tear anything to have to have surgery, for which I’m very thankful, especially when I see what this man I know is going through with his shoulder surgery (but his actually was more like mom’s hip replacement where there’s actually bone ground off – kinda like my car but that’s a different story). BUT he did stretch them out which actually may take longer to heal and get back in place.

SO in the middle of all the hospital issue with little one he was going to the doctor and having X-rays and MRIs and therapy on his shoulder.

Then he finally decides to try to see about registering for the welding classes only to then find out the weekend ones are all full. Which I knew they would be!
And he also learns that they don’t have them in the evening – which I knew as well! – but only otherwise they are all day everyday – yes, just like going back to high school, which is where he said he wished he’d taken them in the first place – so what’s the problem! But, no, he didn’t want to do that. However, in all fairness he was hoping to get back to work after the first of the year and there are some other issues I won’t go into right now.

But suffice it to say this motorcyle mania that led to this motorcycle melt down melted a lot of things down. For want of a zipper what all was lost?!

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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