Mom and Dad night out

 Even though, yes, they had one of a sorts the night I stayed with the little one in PICU instead of them. But actually they did stay with her the next night after they’d taken her off the ventilator and the tubes out. Then the next night she got moved to a regular room and they stayed. So by the time of the night out they’d actually stayed with her for 2 nights and 3 days basically without being able to hardly leave the room so I’d say they could use a night out. But especially since it was for the free concert they get from where he works and especially since this is the first one they’ve been able to go to since he started working there over 2 years ago. Of course it has in a sense some been their fault. The first time he started in August and the concert was in December but by the time of it they had left.  But then when he started back in April I know he was sick in May the time of the concert but I’m also not sure if he’d been back long enough. Then they had left again before the one in December again. I know I had planned to go to the one in May but ended up with my mom helping her. Then again he started back in April but didn’t/couldn’t go in May but this time with the concert in November it was finally working out for them to go – except – for our little one being in the hospital. Oh, one other thing about me going is I had not realized the concerts are all on Sunday night so I probably wouldn’t usually go and I’m not sure I normally would have worked with them on this but several things – of course as I said they’d just spent this time in the hospital, which I could probably have offered to help another night but with them never having been being able to go and with everything they’d been going through I just felt as if they needed to be able to have this night out. And I really am glad they were – they came back thoroughly refreshed and renewed, ready to take over these responsibilities they’ve created! It was an oldies country concert with someone they’d never heard of – Colin Ray – but they really enjoyed themselves. There was one song that just really touched them – especially with all the deaths they’ve had in the time they’ve been together – her mom, my mom (his grandmother) and their first little girl – If You Get There Before I Do. They just really cried, she said, when he sang it. There was one harrowing incident when he’d left her by herself and she was sitting in an aisle seat – a gang of boys came and surrounded her, which would be rather scary. Fortunately he came back about that time and they were able to move in seats where they were already surrounded so couldn’t be followed and enjoyed the rest of the evening then came back and I came home.


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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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