Getting Back in Sync

We have a baby! Yes, the move worked! The excellent medical care (science) dil received with moving back down here to her old OB/GYN she started out with before that “specializes in complex cases” (that’s the term used for mom’s eye doctor but that’s another story) who kept a CLOSE eye on her even having her come in at least every 2 weeks then basically every week, with her checking her blood sugar several times a day and keeping a log to bring in with her, then tweaking her insulin based on that. He even at one point threatened to raid the hospital stash of insulin – with, first of all, putting her on it when the medication just wasn’t working that they at least had put her on this time up north after what happened last time (does anybody remember?) when her insurance (and yes, she’s still on the state dole – if they just hadn’t moved back up there – but then, again, that goes back to the issue with living – will touch on that later – but again just another blessing of the new place – will talk about that more later as well – they’d have had insurance but anyway) wouldn’t pay for her to get as much as she needed but he got on the phone with them and told he meant for her to have it AS NEEDED! I mean, after all, wouldn’t that be cheaper than putting her in the hospital? So she did get it – and even with that she still had a hard time keeping her blood sugars in control – going in to the ER and getting fluid, etc. He did tell her to make sure she went to the ER where the birthing center was where she was going to deliver – you know – just in case. He did also send her to diabetic classes and to meet with a diabetes educator. They also had done that up north as well but this time it tied in to seeing her doctor. As good as he is about taking care of he does expect you to take care of yourself; so if you don’t go to the classes they let him know and he won’t see you. Pretty scarey, isn’t it? But IF you care about your baby like you say you do so IF you want to keep getting your insulin then if you know you won’t be able to if you don’t it tends to be an incentive for you to go – so when she “forgot” the first time (why? because she didn’t think she had to remember) and she was almost terminated by her doctor she didn’t forget the next time. When you’ve never been taught healthy eating habits (or personal responsibility) – no wonder your whole family’s diabetic – it does make it hard. However, they need to start all of that earlier, because if it’s just gestational – which I’m actually not so sure that it is – her sugar’s been beginning to run high somewhat again now but just much more controllable as in she’s at least no longer having to be on insulin – or at least she’s not and not having too much problem, at least doesn’t seem to be – you don’t have time to implement what you’ve learned before it’s over and it would just about be too late to be of any help to your baby anyway but everything’s a cost factor – but again wouldn’t it be cheaper than treating the problem after the fact? But they look at percentages. I am glad for all he did and so was she but she did seem to come to rely on knowing she could just get her insulin upped no matter what (at least as long as she went to the classes – not that she had to actually do what they taught). After all, that seems to be her family’s lifestyle – just rely on medicine and science to fix the problem. I do believe an earlier intervention of education – coupled with consequences from those same medical and science authorities that they rely on – could help that.

However, he did get her through and past the point she got to last time. Then told her if she made it to within 3 weeks he was going to go ahead and take her; otherwise she would be too big. She didn’t really expect to but she did – and he did, although even just a little bit earlier. She was getting so tired this time – she hadn’t realized how hard it gets the last third of the way since she didn’t get that far last time. She was getting so ready and he made the mistake of telling her that if her sugar got to a certain point he would go ahead and take her early so what does she do? You got it. So instead of being the middle of the week she winds up in the ER on Saturday night – only this time instead of being sent home the doctor had them keep her until Sunday morning when he came in and told her – okay – you’ve done it! (I think it was supposed to be a scare – instead, for her, it was – great!) we’re going to do it. Now she was told by someone else she would be induced, which did scare her because he had told her all along he would be doing a section; they just didn’t think she would be – but, no, that’s what he told her he would do – they would have time to get the room ready – so we went on to Sunday School then left afterward and it is a good thing the schedule is what it is because they had told us noon so in theory we could have waited another half hour except we couldn’t have because we ended up getting there just as they were coming and getting her. DH got there just in time after parking – he had to wait outside the room for them to bring her out – they were coming just as he got there. The time they gave was not when they were taking dil to deliver; it was when he planned to actually deliver her.

Such a different waiting this time and so good to have him with me but still scary with all that we’d been through – we still didn’t really know for sure what we would end up with. So when we got the GOOD news – a HEALTHY little (well, big – 9lbs. 5 oz. at 3 weeks early – from the gestational diabetes and she would be monitored – but) girl – oh how thankful we were!

She pretty quickly was back to normal with her blood sugars so that was something else we were grateful for. So maybe for the most part she does just have a tendency to have gestational but at least now we know. They did keep our little big one in NICU for monitoring and she did have a problem with aspiration but they decided it was acid reflux and changed her formula to something special but not too – just an added rice that you can still just get at the big box store – but she did have to stay an extra 5 days of monitoring because of that and pass a car seat test, which we had to make sure we got since it was still at our house, which she did. That was another blessing we had – a young couple who lived right up the road had a yard sale out one day on my way home with the nice stroller/car seat combo, bathtub w/shower as well as several other things I was able then to pick up for them.

Going home without their baby was somewhat hard on them bringing back memories of the last time so she wanted to go back as much and often as possible when she could be there for feedings so we spent at least all of one day there but they finally told her to get her rest at night.

But then the day did come they got to bring her home! And I know I mentioned earlier she was on the state dole for her medical; well, she was also on the program for the formula – again, if not for the move son would have been making more money but there’s also more to that story – so the special formula does require a prescription – even though you can just buy it at the store – to get the voucher for it, which wasn’t a problem to get; they just had to take it to turn in to be able to get it so they had to do that first thing before they were able to even go home, then they got to take their baby home!

Then was the day son had to go to work and leave her with baby by herself.

One thing the state does require of those for whom it pays is a visit by a home health nurse after you bring the baby home. She wanted me there when she came and one thing they do ask is about post-partum depression (or worse). There’s a whole area of some things related to this that I don’t really want to go into right now but she did mention some things that had been happening that seemed to concern the nurse but she seemed to just be glad that I was with her and that she did have “family” (meaning me because she didn’t realize that was really all she had) support; I rea
lly felt quite a load at that point; I wasn’t sure exactly what was going to happen then. Okay, our little Liza was born on 10-10-10 for any suspicious folks out there. She came home from the hospital on the 18th. It was probably the next week that the nurse came because she was supposed to have already come but it got off-schedule with her staying in the hospital – so let’s make that the 25th. Then we had Halloween – now that’s not a problem for me but it’s always been the beginning of the holiday season for her family, which remember is not here, but which made her start missing them and her mom more with having the baby here and them not being able to see her. At least we have the computers now with Facebook and Myspace and phones so lots of pix can be sent and lots of messaging back and forth and phone calls which does help. Then I had a birthday and then – oh, wait a minute, have I left out a chunk of the story – she finally hit the wall with her tooth. She’d been complaining about all throughout the pregnancy but she didn’t think she was supposed to have anything done about it while she was pregnant (and she may be right) so she kept putting it off till she couldn’t any longer. I was able to get in touch with the person at husband’s dentist office that he’s developed a somewhat close relationship with over the years (and, no, nothing like that – he works with her sister) and got her in – then on my way over to stay with the baby and/or take her our little baby stopped breathing – she called her doctor – who, btw, we had already been to see, so she did know her – and they said to bring her in – we still planned to wait until she was through at the dentist – actually, she didn’t want to but after all that it took (again, remember, on top of emergency they still don’t have insurance – the state doesn’t take care of that for mom) I didn’t know if we’d be able to get her in again and I didn’t know what we would do then because she’d have to have something done – but then they called while we were still waiting at the dentist to get in and said when they talked to the actual doctor she said to bring in NOW! Now this is the dil who has a hard time around strangers but I am so grateful for the person my husband knew – I had thought all this time she was the hygienist but no, turns out, she’s “just” the front-desk person, but which, in this case actually turned out to be better since she was out front because she just took her over and took my place so I was then able to leave with the baby even though we all knew she wanted to go but she needed to take care of herself so she could take care of her baby. I did title this post “Getting” back in sync, right? so we’re not there yet just getting there and gotta go. Try again some more later!


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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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