Things are not always what they seem

Oh, how I hate to write this post but want to bring an update on what happened with the apartment complex they rented. Turns out the landlord was not at all what he appeared to be (or at least not with them; as far as we know he’s still there so maybe it was just a bad combination) but he did not actually hire son to be maintenance for the complex; he didn’t really do (or have anyone else) much maintenance; sometimes he would grab somebody off the street to do something if it seemed as if he just had to. DIL did keep the little girl – actually a lot – she was bringing her out here, which was fine, she was a sweetheart but he wasn’t paying her just using her (like another story I’ll tell later) and when she wouldn’t feel like it – she was pregnant, remember – he would just lock her in her room and leave her. A true case for calling Social Services which she finally did, after telling (threatening?) that she would, not out of spite but because she really did care about the little girl. Turns out he’d had her taken away before and his parents had kept her and had actually just gotten her back. They did come out and take her for a while but apparently he worked out something with them by putting her in an actual daycare, which is probably better for her anyway, except she didn’t understand why she couldn’t stay with dil anymore and would cry when she would see her in the evenings. That probably has quite a bit to do with why he started just trying to get them to move, even going so far as to take them to court. Again, after she had called Code Enforcement for some issues in their apartment, which, as it turned out, none of those could they do anything about but it’s a good thing she finally did for something I, at least, had actually forgotten about, and they had actually conceded; their sink was not hooked up. The whole time they’d lived there she’d been washing her dishes in the bathtub! Again remember she’s pregnant! soooo only getting bigger. Well, as soon as the Code Enforcement guy walked in the door he immediately detected the sewer gas odor; I’m somewhat surprised she never had because she’s very sensitive; now me, nah! but he immediately posted their apartment, making them leave and giving the complex 3 days to fix the problem. So they came and stayed with us. He got it fixed then! But he made the mistake – yes, because it’s against the law – of then taking them to court over it to get them to move – retaliation – no can do – and even though, yes, it would have probably been easier to just go ahead and do it they felt they needed to take a stand on principle, the worst problem was now fixed, after all, even though not what they actually called about, felt like they had been mistaken and that had been the problem after all. So they went ahead and went to court; their lawyer tried to make a deal with them but no, they wanted to go ahead and take it to trial. The complex guy – yes – grabbed somebody off the street to testify for him that he had witnessed him following proper procedures with the paperwork, which he hadn’t, and ended up telling them he hadn’t; he didn’t even know what he was talking about; talk about making everybody upset; judge ended up throwing out the case, which really ended up angering the complex guy. The harrassment really started then and then he did it again, only this time he really even more so didn’t follow proper procedure with the paperwork so they weren’t even able to take him to court because they didn’t even know he was taking them again so he was able to get a default judgement against them and in order to fight that, you have to come up with money better spent at that point on going ahead and leaving, which by now was time to do anyway. She’s getting closer to due time and they don’t need to be going through all of that with a baby.
It was so sad; they came down here to get away from all the drama, or so they said, though right at that time, not quite sure they really were as much that way as they thought for a while till it got closer to time but then they really were.
It’s also sad because the complex is beautiful and was a really nice place several (okay, many – time gets away) years ago – back in the 70s and 80s – but also could be again with the right management. I’d like to see that happen.

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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