Ca(m)bin(g) Trip


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We decided to take the annual after testing trip this year but decided to rent a cabin instead of “camping” this time. It doesn’t really cost that much more and you don’t have to fool with all the set-up and take-down plus they furnish everything with the cabin, all the dishes, utensils and linens, towels, etc., all the stuff you normally store in your camper if you have your own, which we don’t. We’ve been renting one (we can get a pretty good deal since dh works for the FG) but not so good you want to rent it early to have plenty of time to stock it up. Those that do have their own and keep it stocked it means they have the extra supplies which I guess we could get and keep in totes and such so it wouldn’t take a lot of time or supplies away from what we normally use and we probably would if we went more often, which is the argument son makes in trying to convince his dad to just go ahead and buy one; if we had one, we’d probably go more often; however, the fact that the people who do have them don’t seem to use them all that much seems to somewhat mitigate that argument and they also (at least some of them, mainly his best friend) don’t have the 4-wheeler dad did buy that he gets to use a lot more (he just went “mudding” the other day since we got back with it with another friend, who did also go camping but just took a tent. Actually he had wanted to go with him and some other friends just by himself and take our big tent that we had bought when we used to do a lot more and more primitive camping but we all decided not just quite yet and he’s the one who quit wanting to do “tenting” when we would go with this group who mostly took campers, although his friend didn’t seem to mind being in a tent, but he’s pretty flexible. Neither of them also has their “own” “Jeep” as well to also go “real” mud-bogging in as well. Anyway good trip! More later

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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