Welded to the Road

Long time, I know. Sometimes I think if people would put more into the front end it would save a whole lot of problems on the other. If, instead of just herding everyone where they want them to be, they would stop and explain where it is they’re herding them (or alternately if they were going to make them stay where they’re herding them – but at least for new we are still people not cattle so we don’t quite do that yet – we still use the carrot and not the stick – only problem is not everybody likes carrots that well) they might either stay where they want them or at least they could save themselves the trouble of herding that particular one anyway. Okay, having said all of that, we got through all the hoops of the WIA for the program, which was HVAC, and he got into the class only to find out it wasn’t what he thought or at least the teacher on that first day made it seem as it there were going to be a lot more to it of what he had definitely said he didn’t want to do than what he had been given to understand, seemingly because even though it was supposed to be a beginning course, what with the economy and all, there were a number of people in the class who were not beginners, who had been working in the field but just hadn’t felt the need before then to get their piece of paper when work was so good it wasn’t required, so it seemed to up the level of the class, thus somewhat leaving behind those who were true beginners, even though that wasn’t supposed to be the case, but then’s when you learn the limitations of WIA; they may pay based on what it’s supposed to be but they have no authority to enforce that; your only choice is to either deal with it (if you can) or remove yourself. One thing that did come out of this, however, is that it got him in the actual building where the classes are held and able to find out about the others they offer that WIA didn’t tell him about because they weren’t paying for them, one of which he had done in the past in school that he was interested in, actually even more so than the HVAC, that was the one that seemed the most promising of what WIA had presented to him (of what they would pay for). So he then attempted to get into that program but by then it was too late; now if someone along the way – I’m not sure it actually should have been the WIA people since they seemingly only did deal with what they did pay for but it just seems like it would make more sense for them to give their people the broad spectrum to let them then decide if being in the WIA program is worth it to them rather than exclude them from that knowledge with – what – the hope they won’t find out? Who are they serving? what is their purpose? to help the people or merely to herd them where they want them to go? It still doesn’t alway work with free human beings – but if someone along the way would have told him about all the programs offered thereby letting him know about the one he found out about that he was really interested it might not only have saved everybody a lot of time and trouble but also enable some real progress to be made both toward his independence and also making a contribution to society. However, it wasn’t done and he was willing to withdraw from “their” program anyway once he found out about the other one even though he couldn’t get in it right then and wait a little longer until he could, even though that meant giving up the carrot they held out of the money they would have given him. Independence does still mean something!

However, right before he was going to be able to register to get in that program, he decided to take a motorcycle ride and yes, you guessed it, he laid it over – and – broke his shoulder all the way through – and – yes, we are still talking about a program where he would need that shoulder! He could still register, though, because, hopefully he will be healed by the time it starts. But still! Oh, well, hopefully – he started therapy yesterday for 3 weeks – so I guess we’ll see by then. At least it was only his shoulder and not a far worse accident! With thanksgiving!

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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  1. However, his shoulder didn’t really heal completely at all, such that for him to really be able to do that program so he started down another road

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