Trip to Desoto

After Achievement Tests (yes, back in April but that’s a long story) we took a trip to Desoto State Park then on over to Little River Falls.

I also made a trip over to Mentone to the grocery to get the grillin’ fixins (much nicer and quainter for keeping the camping atmosphere than going down into Ft. Payne); ran on up to the hardware store to send a package to my granddaughter for (ugh) Easter while I was there so it would get there in time (she doesn’t understand yet) and picked up another – souvenir – book about somebody falling in the river (isn’t that just something to read about when you’ve got kids in the lake up above the falls with no safety?) then stopped in at the Wild Strawberry café and – small world – the proprietor knows the herbal lady I’ve been taking plant walks and workshops from back home.

Had to also spend a fair amount of time on the phone with oldest son trying to get his stuff ready to get ready to go back to school. So glad I took the time to answer the phone before we left; he needed a copy of his GED that he took – oh, like 10-odd years ago – so, wonderful age we live in, got on-line and ordered it, had it sent to him, so he keeping an eye out for it and got it while we were there (didn’t think I ordered 2-day shipping but turned out I had; oh, well, at least he did get it, so got that done).

But in the middle of all that hubby and I got to take some hikes – we took the Azalea Trail first which is just a nice little walk down the boardwalk – it’s designed to be handicapped accessible but it’s nice. We took the short walk to Indian Falls just behind the pool.

But the one I really enjoyed was the long, backwoods (for us, at least) one to what was supposed to be Lost Falls (yea, we didn’t make it that far) and Laurel Falls, which was so worth it.

I didn’t get any pix but got home and found someone who had been there and took lots of gorgeous ones, so I’m hoping I can do this so ya’ll can see them; here goesdesoto park pix

pix from desoto park




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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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