Back Again – Leaving the ‘Hood

After the final incident with the car getting the windshield broken (again) this time with rocks and bricks after it having happened with the car itself (and what with costs so high a $1000 estimate for repair for not really that much damage but done nonetheless) and dil expecting again they decided to cash it in and come back; think she’s tired of it and really ready this time. She loves her family but she’s seeing them for what they really are now; they’ve just used them since they’ve been there. They ended up getting a settlement from the hospital for the baby that her family just took from them for their trying to be nice, when they should have hung onto it; they’re the one that went through it but they “felt sorry” for the others until they realized they’d been taken. They blamed them for what happened and accused them of getting the money fraudently but they sure didn’t mind getting some of it. They’d at least paid their apartment up in advance but when all the trouble started they got their landlord involved and he evicted them even though they still had rent paid; they could have stayed but they were just ready to get out by them. They did have one “friend” who did at least pay them back some of what they got; at least enough to get down here on and they had bought stuff they could get some money out of. So the day we got back from our trip (do want to tell that story) they got here; we did at least want to distance ourselves enough from the situation to not have them stay with us this time so we got them a room back in a motel like they’d done before (and like we did for the others) until they could find a place, which they did in that week; a nice apartment complex we didn’t even know existed, off the beaten path but not far from the hospital, doctor’s office and office they have to work with for the pregnancy. She gets to see the helicopter come in. He got his old job back, new manager he used to work with and also helping with maintenance at the complex and she gets to babysit the maintenance man’s little girl; she loves that. We went out to eat with them on Easter Sunday (day after they got here). They seem to be doing good but of course I wasn’t here this early on this time last year; that was when I left to go be with my mom with her hip. They did take the truck and trailer up to get their stuff this time and had a run-in with my uncle when they went by to see my parents. He did not like that at all. Another story.


About donnainthesouth

I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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