Fax alert!

I guess I really do live in the backwoods. When the power went off the other day (remember the twig) (well, maybe I don’t) I had to unplug the cordless phone (which, you know, takes power to work) and plug in the corded one in order to call the power company. Well, evidently, somewhere along the way I must have disconnected the fax (yes, fax) machine (can’t live in the backwoods without one – oh, you can, but really you can stay in the backwoods a lot better with one – no more having to run out to the local drugstore to use theirs – you ask, why am I having to send faxes so much – well, it’s better than having to wait behind the post office for the mail truck to get there so you make sure you get the mail off in time – it’s called always running behind because when you live way out here it takes (or used to) so long for anything to get anywhere that at least some of us forget how long so by the time we remember it’s alway the last minute, get it?) At least this time it turne! d out not to be really a last minute thing, except in our minds, because we’re so used to everything being this way, but this time we actually are doing something ahead of time, except not really, because it really should have already been done, but since it wasn’t, this time it doesn’t matter any more about then so for now we’re early, got it, right? yeh, sure.
Oldest son who’s trying to get in school – who really should have been trying harder last fall so he would be in school now but since he didn’t and it’s too late to worry about it now and really what difference does one semester now earlier or later really make when he really should have been doing all of this earlier or should he have? anyway, now that he is, he’s trying to make sure he does get it done in time now, even though in one sense he has plenty of time, but then, does he? anyway, he went to the school last week and applied for his grant but wasn’t able to get his application signed – at least electronically, which in theory is supposed to be quicker, but not if you can’t get it done, which he wasn’t because he had done this once before but not followed through with it then and had forgotten about it but they hadn’t so it was still in the system under an old e-mail that he had forgotten (have I said all this before?) so he had to apply for a new one and get con! firmation but apparently something either got hung up in the system or he couldn’t figure out how to get it (he was supposed to get an e-mail but who knows?) which is not surprising since he couldn’t figure out how to retrieve the first one because it wasn’t even acknowledging that he had even applied. So last night I called even though he’d been calling but he evidently got hung up on that where I thought he was more concerned at this point with getting his confirmation of application which I was told could be done without getting all into the pin; it could be done without being signed; that could be done later so I thought that would work, went through the process and got it confirmed. Oops! he needed that confirmation page but he needed it, not me, so what was the point of me printing it out so got out, left and went to church. When he asked me, I told him to print it out. Nope -checked this morning – once you leave, that’s the one page you can’t go back to. Now what – t! urns out doesn’t have to be that page, just a page with his name on it showing he has applied. Okay, no problem but since I’ve done all that and I know how to get there, would I please just see about taking care of it – okay, no problem, just fax it right over to where it needs to go, except – not- nada – nothing. No sendo faxo todayo. Turns out I disconnected it – story of my day with finding that out – yeh, trying not to act like a dork for dh but didn’t quite make it -for another day.
But he made it on up there himself and got it taken care of anyway. They know what to do – and he got it e-signed after all – they even know how to do all of that – that I sure didn’t know what to do – was going to have to be on the phone tomorrow for that – at least one phone call I don’t have to make.
Just backtrack of today’s.
Got some breathing room on the other. Good thing, got a phone call today when I checked on got some bad news. May check on that tomorrow.
Then with all that done, check with mom tomorrow re dad’s appt. with the doc next week – maybe can get her with that now and off her now that she’s actually got over her stuff and even got her normal meds back (if she can keep them this time) so she’s feeling good now. And now that son’s got all that taken care of (except for the phone call he’s got to make to the school but at least he doesn’t have to go but then again) he’s gonna check on them. We’ll see what happens with that.
And then this is the anniversary – today last year was the flying trip. The rain we got yesterday came today last year – by date anyway but by day it was Wednesday last year when I left – and the guys were here trying to pour the slab for the building in it – it wasn’t predicted or they wouldn’t have been here – not good – they ended up staying all night – couldn’t leave once it started (oh, they could have, but they weren’t that bad) – not happy campers. Anyway this is when dil called and they’d told her – with her up there by herself because I was trying not to be a meddling mother-in-law – that my granddaughter had died – yes, before she was born. Yes, she called – I was on my way then.
It’s not been a good year for her; we’ll see how she makes it.

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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