Transformer Explosion!

No, not the snow, though we’ve had our share, but it’s not what caused our power to go out. No, that happened when the weather was fine. Just hanging out, getting ready to take son in to town to meet his dad for his Amateur Radio class he was going to take with him (ya know, maybe get in some science, but no, this is not the geek one – though I was hoping – dad was gonna get a solar panel at the geek store – no, at Harbor Freight – to play with but then changed his mind – oh, well) when the science experiment came to us – pow! – and the lights went out. So first thing we called the power company then went to see if we could see anything wrong and first thing we did see was our neighbor who walks out every day down the road to check the mail and paper (remember we live down a dirt road where the mail and paper don’t go – we have to go to them) so stopped to see if their power was out not really expecting it to be if you knew the crazy way all this stuff has worked on this dir! t road. Anyway, I thought our lines did not connect, that they paralleled since they had their power long before we ever moved here and we did not connect to any of their line; no, we had to have our own poles put up – yes, 2 of them! before we could get power and that’s a story in itself. Then since then our neighbor up the road (the one who called me since – since she got to feeling better from the time I found her in bed with the dogs having gotten into her gallon of milk she’d left on her dog house when she got in she felt so bad – for us to go have breakfast again at the cafe) had moved in and had to put up their pole. But I’d either forgotten or had never realized that somewhere in all these new poles being put up (or sometime since) they had connected their power to our pole but the one up the road and the transformer was on the pole in our yard so I still didn’t think it would have anything to do with them. Anyway, their power was out, too. I think the power company! must have forgotten all this, too (except this was a new crew who pro bably just didn’t really have any idea how all of this worked) because they seemed quite puzzled when they got here and didn’t find any lines down on their way in then went on back down the road beyond us and didn’t find anything except that everybody’s power was out and ours is the only transformer on our road. So they came back, put down their legs on the truck, somebody climbed in the bucket and went up to check the transformer (after having taken some lines down up the road so they wouldn’t take a chance on getting electrocuted – I’d forgotten they had that happen to one of their guys – I wish I’d thought to ask about him) and – get this – they found a Twig! – not a limb or a branch – but just a little, small twig that had hit the transformer just right – from the trees of the woods that are just beyond the pole at the edge of the woods. What great damage a little thing can do! Sobering example. Will try to get the trees cut back before they send their crew out and they ! really do some damage, like take our whole woods out.

Then on top of all this when I said something to dh about getting that done he’d forgotten about the transformer (or at least which pole it was on); he thought I was getting my payback because before we could get in our house we had to have one more pole put up (we’d had one of those temporary poles for the mobile home we lived in all those years and thought we could just live like normal people with a meter on our house now but no, we had to have one more of their poles before we could get to that point – at least we’d lived back here long enough to not have to pay for it – oh, except that we’d had all those years of paying power back here) and they thought they had to put it right where we had one tree in the yard that I just did not see any reason why they had to put it right there and make me have to lose it so I “fought” with them over that, had to have the engineer back out here to explain to me why they couldn’t just angle the line just a little differently (he ha! d to measure to make sure it would still be close enough so we wouldn’t have to have another pole that we would have to pay for – though I believe I would have if it meant saving my tree – easier to pay for a pole than a full-grown tree – though I already had before I called him so I knew it should and sure enough that was not a problem). I already knew the problem was that the tree was right at the edge of the yard so it would be a clean shot to run the line there where with the other angle it wasn’t yard but field that hadn’t been mowed – I was willing to mow it, I told them, (though I hadn’t done it yet – it really was going to need to be bushhogged though not that badly) but sure enough they had the equipment to take care of it even though really it didn’t even have to be done; they run the line with the truck – it’s not like they were going to have to slog their way through it – they (or we, I really don’t remember now) just had to weedeat a spot right where they were ! going to put the pole – it turned out not to be that big a deal – they just didn’t want to fool with it; they’d rather just cut down my tree. But we (I) managed to get it all done – the power run and my tree saved. But dh just wouldn’t have gone through all that and put them through all that just to save my tree – it was just one tree, after all – but it was the only one at the edge of the yard – if it had been just one just out in the field or in the woods, that would have been different but this one was in my yard and I want to keep it. He thought I was nuts, so anyway when the power went out he wanted to think it was a twig from my tree I wanted to keep that did it; that would confirm him wanting to just go ahead and let them take it out. But, no, it was not my tree or that pole that has the transformer; it was the pole that was put up when we moved here and it was a twig from one of the dead trees at the edge of the woods that need to be cut down and cleared out – so we’ll see what happens now. Oh, life in the backwoods! (and since this ac! tually happened a couple weeks ago there’s been more since for another post)

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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