Sitting this one out

Didn’t go this eye doc’s appt. of Mom’s either, which worked out. Still think possibly the steroid drops she’s on as a precaution for graft rejection with her already low immune system have been causing her to so many of these infections. And sure enough when she went with being on the antibiotic the eye doc wouldn’t do her refractive. But then he said he didn’t know why she wasn’t seeing already out of that eye. Next appt. in April. At least things will be settled. There won’t be a trip to Florida for my aunt and uncle. Him changing her appt to when they would be back confused things this time, since he took her last time. Guess I should have just gone back with oldest son when they left from Thanksgiving. Would have been there then when he took his car to the shop and the guy wouldn’t work on “that foreign job”. It was made here in the States, thank you!

Speaking of oldest son, he finally made it to the school Tuesday. I feel old – all the financial aid application process in done online now. You have to sign electronically with a pin. I knew you could do it that way just didn’t realize you had to do it that way even when you went in to the school office. He had started this once before just didn’t complete it; (I believe this time he will though) so he already one but back in the day you just didn’t realize you were supposed to guard them and remember them forever but of course in this situation you did because it does so if you don’t you have to pick another one then convince them you are still really who you say you are. So that’s what he’s waiting on now. I’m just concerned he ended up filling out the wrong one, for the wrong year because of the tax info they asked for; they asked for last year’s, which I believe is for the school year starting in August and he wants to start in June, but he didn’t realize there were! 2 of them when he filled it out; they didn’t just sit right with him when he was at the computer at that point and pick out the right one even though he told them when he wanted to start school. So we’ll see when he goes back to take his admissions test he’s supposed to be studying for this week.

Dh is taking ham radio class for the next few weeks; has it tonight.
Younger son’s gearing up for Jr. Firefighting (dreamed the local high school was offering it and his dad was teaching)

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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