The phone call is not that important!

Come on now, I live in the backwoods – maybe when we do deal with money, it’s important! Important enough not to leave laying around! Important enough that when we go to the ATM (and yes, we do know what one is – after all, we don’t always want to be at the whim of the people in town and their schedules) to get some of our money, we’re not going to leave it laying there if the phone rings!

Older son, who has not had a bank account in years – ever since he was young and had one and overdrew it – just recently opened one – a result of the deregulation of the recent years allowing a bank to have branches across state lines, since he lives in another state; it makes it easier (and cheaper) to help him (and yes, we are but that is a long story, at least it really is help) than it was before. Anyway, put some money in his account; he goes to – at least his bank’s, where they have cameras – the ATM to get it out, puts his card in,[ with his he has to take it out before he can begin his transaction – that’s good, cause he was with me one time when I didn’t get mine out in time (making sure I did get the money, moral of this, it’s coming) and you know what happens (when you’re not at your bank’s ATM, which I wasn’t, since I was out of state where he was); it got taken and shredded]gets it out, does his transaction, gets his receipt, is standing there waiting for hi! s money, it comes down, the door opens, his phone rings, he watches the door close while he answers the phone; do ya’ll know what’s coming?; he finishes on the phone, tries to open the door; yeh, right; we know, it’s over; puts his card back in to try again; sorry, insufficient funds; yes, even though he didn’t get his money; he’ll go to the bank in the morning and explain; hopefully, he’ll be able to get it, although I’m not really sure how that works; I’ve at least always made sure I got my money; I know I can get my card back, not sure about my money; we’ll see. At least at this point he thinks it was funny (at least he can wait until tomorrow; usually if I’m doing it I need my money right then); there was a time he might have lost it right there; he’s come a long way (yes, from a place he never should have been, I know, but at least he’s not there now; so glad).


About donnainthesouth

I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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