mother and son reunited

Just finished reading the story about the father who was reunited with his sons. Apparently mom threw dad out, told the kids he didn’t want them, the kids started acting out and wound up in state’s care. I wonder, in a way, if that’s actually the way it was. I was accused of the same thing when in reality in my case dad left just that when he wanted to come back I wouldn’t let him (after the 6th time in slightly over 3 years). However, it was still me who “threw him out” because I wouldn’t let him back. Guess you’re supposed to just let them keep on coming and going. But what really made the boogie bear was the fact that I left the state. I’ve often wondered about the new laws that keep moms from doing that; forget the fact that dad was trying to break in on us, came over catching me outside and choking me, and kidnapped our son (or at least didn’t bring him back from a weekend visitation). Of course it is true that none of that mattered at the time to our son since of cours! e at the time all he saw was the good in his dad and of course you can’t tell a small child any of that, they just want their dad. Of course if you stayed until they could see all of that then they’d probably blame you for staying, so you can’t really win for losing.

Then in my case he also followed me to where I moved anyway, so in some ways it didn’t really do any good, after all. It does turn out that he didn’t stay, however. But that still wasn’t the end; he still showed back up, again wanting to stay with us. That was the proverbial stray, it turned out. All of the other happened when he was still too young to remember, so we probably could have worked through all of that, but that happened after he’d gotten old enough to remember but still too young to understand. He wasn’t supposed to know anything about it (to me, anyway; maybe not to his dad) but it turned out that he did and it really made a bad impression on him. So should I have let his dad stay? would it have made all the difference in the world? But I just knew (or at least I felt I did) what would happen. Not that that wasn’t what a little boy’s fantasy was anyway. But that’s what it was, a little boy’s fantasy, not what now as a 32 yr. old man he understands what it w! ould have meant, but it made for a hard time between then and now. But now is what counts, thankfully.

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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