Happy Thanksgiving! (yes, I know it’s late)

I’m so thankful that this year my oldest son and his girlfriend came and had dinner with me for Thanksgiving.
I’m thankful he has a good girlfriend this year. He had a toxic one before, so much so that when he finally was out of that relationship he thought he’d never have another one, that he would never be able to trust anyone (at least a female to have a relationship with) ever again. I’m glad he did at least learn through that that trust is something to build and earn; you don’t jump in and trust too soon. Sometimes that is a reaction from feeling betrayed by someone you’ve trusted in the past. There is a long history with this with him. But this year has been a road to normalcy and having this time with him and her for Thanksgiving is a culmination of that, something that at one time I’m not sure I’d ever thought I’d have.

I posted a lot about this yesterday but then lost it so I’m going to try some again.

This has been quite a year, starting with at the very beginning he moved to a new house out in the country to get away from where he’d been living in a bad neighborhood in town. That was the first clue that he was endeavouring to make some changes in his life. It just turned into a drama of a different kind quite quickly with the ice storm which knocked a tree down in his front yard pulling his meter base out of the house leaving him with no where to stay – except he had met this new girlfriend just two days prior to all this. He probably would not have even developed a relationship with her had it not been for this for she offered to let him stay with her and they became closer they would have otherwise. I was actually concerned that he would jump back into a new relationship too soon like the one he had just gotten out of. But, no, after he was able to finally get his power rehooked up he did go back to his house and was able to begin to live the life he got the house ! to do. For the first time in at least 4 years (wow, I’d forgotten it had been that long) he started the year alone, which was a good thing. He was able to get his head cleared. Actually that’s only as long as he was in that relationship; it was actually longer than that since he’d really been by himself. He’d always felt like he had to have someone.

However, in the midst of this he was not really alone; this new “girlfriend” who wasn’t really yet was there for him, just not clinging to him like it had been in the past. This was a new experience for him; he couldn’t really believe there could be a relationship like that. His last relationship had really taken a toll on him; she had taken everything he had practically while basically giving him nothing. She was the type (and not just with him; she had been this way previously) who didn’t know the meaning of being faithful and loyal; she was cheating on him constantly while telling him how much she loved him while also always wanting something from him. She caused him to get into things which eventually (without really it taking too long and yes, he played his part too which is part of how he got in with her in the first place) landed him in jail with a DUI charge. However, in a way that worked out to his good for when he got through with that he started working really! good and making really good money, which she took, but (as I said yesterday) sometimes it takes a woman like that to be an incentive for a man to do that for them. One more thought on that note and I’m going to try to get this much posted; that was all probably payback for what he had done previously in leaving his pregnant Type I diabetic wife on Christmas Eve to go to the party where he met that one while his wife was asking to go with him (not that he knew she was going to be there or that he was going to get with her but that’s what happened) when he’d actually asked me to come spend Christmas with them. There’s a long story but not now.

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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