Up and down the road again

Seems like I’ve spent the past year up and down the road. A little over a year ago middle son and wife got married up north and moved down here. At the beginning of the summer last year was when mom had her eye emergency that started my going up there to the doc with/for her in addition to taking my dad to the doc not only when he thought things were so bad but just for the regular after the death (another one) of his nephew who used to take care of that. Mom’s eye ended up with a cornea transplant down here so quite a few trips up and down for that, this one being her 1-mo. post-op, the doc telling her finally it may be another 6 months before she can see out of it and he didn’t transfer her back up north. This time son and wife went with, first time been back up all summer, probably longest time since down here and Disaster strikes again! As ya know, last fall son had no license (long story) so didn’t drive on the trips we made, finally got that all taken care of so this t! rip had some help, he decided to take the backroad, ran into a roadblock, ran his d.l. and – guess – suspended – again?! – whatever for? – oh, my, took back over on in. And oh, btw, they’ve put her mom in a nursing home – another long story – she’s so young – not even 40? – does that age me? – spent the day – back down the road. To the Driver’s License office – oh, a speeding ticket – again – that wasn’t paid – again – didn’t we just go through that – and up north again – is where it was – on yet another trip for yet another death. When son and wife lost their baby, then almost their place to live where they’d moved back up north after they moved down here before they moved back as part of that. Not thinking about up there after they got down here. oh, my, so they went back with as took mom and dad back to try to take care of then just didn’t work out – oh, my, so missed his work for nothing – so glad his boss is so understanding and likes him so much – seems it’s that way ! everywhere – he’s always the best worker. But one more trip up and dow n again.


About donnainthesouth

I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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