Moving Day!

But not in the truck, for it had no gas and no put any in out of any of the gas cans we have, even though dear hub left it for me forgetting that, so you shoulda seen the Kee; packed to the gills, once we got them up and out when we got there with no warning for the phone was so low it was out. Anyway got the stuff over and unloaded – after finding the local neighborhood center – in the ‘hood – at the place for helping get the kids out – so impressed with the dignified gentleman who came in that all the kids seemed to love and he them – precious – and the lady (who didn’t seem to be local) was very nice to them – just gotta get the paper from the utilities giving specifics – then on our way! Turned out to not be far at all; quite handy in fact once you know how. Then just gotta get some food – nope, not an emergency – but so glad was a really nice lady there as well, made the wait much more comfortable – but found it – again – right down the road along with a really neat little local grocery store with good buys to make those dollars stretch. Again a very nice lady and real food this time – meat to cook – and voucher for the store for real things — like milk and eggs. By then time to go to work so since going to try to swap for truck to get the big stuff headed out that way didn’t have to worry about the bus – good thing since apparently hadn’t and good thing going to since dear hub’s Kee overheated – again – just like the last time he took it in – why does he keep doing that? at least this time didn’t have to have it towed- came up swapped him mine, took the truck and saw the neighbor on the way out and gave her a nice table they really like but not chairs – kids have scattered – freed up space for her – she’d just bought then decided she didn’t like – amazing the things people have – and she wasn’t the only one -headed to a friend’s cleaning out her workshop who made quite a bit available – she got plasticware, baby items, clothes, potpourri, etc, again amazing – plus she has a table just like the one she has only with good chairs as well as odd tables and a shelf unit, etc.p;so had quite a load to take back but spent so much time didn’t really accomplish what got it for(except for what did get)Interesting, though, took by to see the house offered – and the lady of the house said – in no uncertain terms – that it would not be coming available and to make sure the person who told us understood that – yes, ma’am! so makes the one we got all the more awesome!Now, when got back how are we going to get that big heavy table out – when again just amazing the neighbor lady’s big burly son just happens to be there visiting and got him to just come right over and lift it right out – thanks so much! Oh, also earlier met the neighbor on other side – not carpet cleaner but construction company owner who turns out I’d met many years earlier when working on our local school. Built the subdivision behind the houses where his children live.Now back to pick up from work – and was he ever – pulling those carts – and why won’t they get the machine fixed. The nice man from paint and hardware came out to help.Now to at least get the washer the man who owns the house is letting them have – it’s at his other house where his son is, right up the road – so they can at least wash clothes tonight so he can have fresh ones to wear to work tomorrow. At least he went on in tonight. At least he’s not doing construction – at least not yet, might talk to the neighbor.; But weren’t able to get the mattresses after all, too late, good thing picked up the air mattress dh said they could use when here getting all the stuff brought in from the other place and good because going to be needing the room

About donnainthesouth

I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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