Oh, what a tangled web we weave

Oh, why didn’t he just go ahead and get the M.O. yesterday; oh yeah, he hadn’t talked to the guy yet and made sure it would be all right to just pay half the rent (and yeah it would be bad to pay it and then have it rented out from under you but I know there are people who would do that but this man does not seem that type) then today when he did not only was that okay but now he doesn’t even have to come up with the other half by the first; he can wait until his dad’s check gets here. So now he’s ready to get it to him. So we head over there – without the M.O. – which we finally find out we can buy at BP. Then on the way back – almost all the way back – oh, can we get some milk – how about let’s just stop at this convenience store – ya know, because it’s convenient, duh! – but the lady was snotty this morning over the cancer sticks – like really now – are you really 19 – what happened to your ID anyway – and yes, you do have to be 19! – so want to go on to the big Wally World – drop off – turn to park – and guess whose car – wait a minute – car?! – we see – it’s not supposed to be here – wait, it is Friday night – but the car’s supposed to be in the shop – so, wait a minute – maybe later? – guess just didn’t take it after all – oh, don’t want the Comanche, it’s too small – oh, well, don’t need the Cherokee anymore – why, you ask? um, maybe because you kicked out the family with the little kids?! anyway,sure enough almost as soon as he went in (and we parked over on the side) he saw them and was going to just walk right on by and not even say anything and sure enough she didn’t say a word, hardly even looked at him but he looked like he wanted to speak so bad so he went – hey, man, what’s up – not much, you – you okay, where you staying, whatcha doing – going up tomorrow to get my dad, your dad’s taking me – we been staying in a motel just up from you – oh, man this is awful, we can’t be together because of our women (where are the men with chests?) you’re more than welcome to come over, hang out, chill, play Playstation – but nothing said about her – hey, man, what’s your number? BTW, you know all that stuff she texted you wasn’t true, don’t you? Um, yeah, but it was still pretty upsetting. I guess when you’re married to someone you know is a compulsive liar that you know will just get all made if you confront her with it you just kinda accept it and expect everyone else to, as well – unless you’re trying to get help, which she does keep asking when the counselor will be back – I sure hope she is. But in the meantime she’s upsetting to your family and you don’t feel you can have her around them so it just makes a separation. And you sure don’t want her to know where you’re really staying until you can get away into your own place which you don’t want her to know where that is either. So hurry up and get out – he runs out to see if you’ve called him already – the phone is in the car – no, man – but he must really want him to, so sad – better get back in before she buys the place out – yeah, guess you better so at least you have something to eat when you don’t have anywhere to live – what will you do then? you’re welcome to come to my place but not her, not after what she’s done but we’ve been there – we had to separate a while, you can do it too, maybe then you’ll see like we did.  

When first we start out to deceive

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I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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