up and down and round and round

guess this is new – I did this post as my e-mail only to discover that it did not send – I don’t know if I have it in me to do it again here – but I’ll try

up – estate lady called – like I want to go to an estate sale – don’t think so

down – son #1 called re his p08 ecu didn’t get seen about – oh my

up – son #3 goes to spend day with 4-wheelin’ buddy

down – go see what DIL wants – spider bites and staph infections, SILs and campmeetings, windy roads and mother-in-laws, friends and ‘stangs and MIL’s aged, honorable and tired – oh and let’s not forget the bad wreck on the way up the mountain – had to come up the backwoods way – the steep way – at least she’s gotten more used to it by now and it doesn’t seem to bother her anymore – she actually commented on the littering – granted, there shouldn’t be any but we’ve come a ways if she can notice it! local pharm – meds still on file but can’t get since the move up and down and back and round – nebulizers $250 – going back to the asthma doc next week – was supposed to have had an evaluation but moved up and away before had done but try again now that moved back down – don’t forget the pizza – it made her hungry so took home but not before a stop at the one-stop bargain shop they love to go to – the new and bigger one! found her a cat puzzle for her love of said felines – they trying to catch the stray around –

up – went well – even the going down – even the just as got all the way down in the parking space – rrng! – thought had it silenced – guess deleting all those old voice mails – that she noticed the little symbol had never even noticed when used the phone to call her family – they saving  – glad son#1 had called but really was the friend they’d moved down here then kicked out – isn’t that a bit of drama for another post – but let her out

down – bummer – thought she had to call to get fax# but no actually already did but ready to go

up – get son #3 back from the 4-wheelin’ buddy – bring home – go back

down – get other friend – go meet man about house found to rent, met dh go with BUT he’d decided to take spare gray Kee to town today and it decided it was too hot; so of course he had to stay with it since he really didn’t want to go anyway so went on, met the man at his son’s – really his spare – house he’d bought to have somewhere to crash when he worked in the Bigtown and didn’t want to home to the next state so now son’s in while going to the big U in town – they signed the rental agreement but nothing about the greenstuff till find out when the people will be getting all their stuff out – they’ve already moved out – power still on – have their number – so just waiting now – doesn’t nearly explain all the drama – save for another time – but for now, come wait with us and see!

up – oh, did make it home – and trip#3 for our favo tow guy – Hey Mike good? to see ya again! 

round and round – the mountain we go


About donnainthesouth

I'm a transplant, born up north but raised in the middle, now I'm down here where you don't see too many snowflakes; I'll probably post just about as often (here at least)
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