An Easter to Forget (or Remember)

This year Easter is about 3 weeks later than it was last year so it feels strange, since last year it was the very last day of March – the 31st – the day our little granddaughter would have turned 8 mos. old – except that the day before we had turned off her life support. She had been born July 31st and found the next day to have a severe heart defect that couldn’t even be taken care by the usual surgeries they normally do; there was only was option, to have an “experimental” procedure done to attempt to repair it by forcing it to work, a procedure that is very hard on them and has only about a 33% chance of success, although there’d been improvement on all those it had been tried on, but we may have waited too long to risk it; she may have been too sick by the time we went for it but we can’t live there now. We did have it done and tried but that seemed to be the case or maybe that had nothing to do with it since we have a friend with a daughter in the hospital right now who seems to be going through the same thing that has nothing to do with her heart; has to do with her – tmi – digestive system, which ultimately is what her autopsy told us, even to the surprise of the cardiology department, maybe because they didn’t think outside their box and check into that. She just kept getting sicker and sicker – not sure what’s going to happen with my friend but she at least does already have that specialist on board; I tried but just couldn’t get it done but even though she does he’s not at the hospital where she is, the same one where we were and where she’s not been happy with that department, which is why her specialist isn’t there; eager and anxious to see what happens tomorrow; hope they don’t let her go too long, although she’s somewhat been expecting this for a while, just not this way; she wound up being emergently admitted, even as she was on her way home from an out of state doctor appointment with another specialist for another one of her children and maybe would have to have been for the immediate emergency but then what, what somewhat wound up being our situation; anyway they let her get to the point they said there was nothing else “they” could do only they actually said there was nothing else that could be done, especially since by then they said she was too unstable to be move anywhere else, like where we’d gone for the “experimental” procedure but of course it seemed we were past it being her heart issue that they’d dealt with at that point but nobody was even checking to see about anything, somewhat seems to be the point friend is at as well; I wanted more done but, long story, mom was worn out by that point and just couldn’t go any further, not with the hospital saying all that and she’d been through so much by that point as well; she seemed herself to just give you “that look” of please, just let me go and maybe in many ways it was best.

This has come after reading of a similar post by someone else who was supposed to have been able to adopt around Easter but then it was snatched away but in retrospect they realize what an upheaval – not just the normal of any adoption, of course, but this particular one – it would have been, in some not so good ways – and though, yes, in many ways we do know what bringing her home would have meant, in our particular situation and circumstance – mom doesn’t drive, for one – it would have been a very difficult situation and she has a big sister that would have had to been involved in all of that – not that that possibly would have been an entirely bad thing but just very difficult, not like the usual, where I could keep her while mom took care of things; the only other way would be for me to have the authority to take care of things with little sister while big one just stayed home with mom and I’m not sure she would have wanted that and not sure how the powers that be would have gone along with that; at the time couldn’t even get that on the table; that’s a whole other issue.

However, for good or bad, right or wrong, up or down, the decision was made and the day before Easter last year we made that move. It did turn out differently than usual, though, in that we were able to do it down in the chapel at the hospital rather than just in her room in the cicu and had several people from the family there, her great-grandmother and great-aunt, cousin – well, dad’s cousin and husband, who had actually stayed with her the previous few nights – mom and dad just couldn’t bring themselves to do it (does that say anything? anyway) as well as, of all the ironies, the friend I’ve just been talking about, as well as another one but this one, who’s been so strong through all she’d been through with hers, broke down over this. Why in particular – because of the very thing she’s possibly facing right now – she’s had to come to terms with the fact she might face this very thing with this particular child, her daughter, herself, and she’d not wanted to think about it and now, on this Easter, here/there she is.

When I started this I hadn’t even thought about her; this was just going to be a remembrance of this day last year for us until it all began to come together – oh wow

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Georgia here we come – back from

following on the prior post at the job gained – boss wanted son to go pick him up a part for a personal project he was working on – not something for the shop – and he would not only pay for the part and his gas but also for his time so – let me go back a bit – this job at least had a steady pay but I believe no commission, just straight pay, which can be good if you’re not getting much work but bad if you are – calmer, not so stressful, but you’ve been running on adrenaline, can be a crash, so glad for the opportunity for a little extra cash so headed out but…had class that night, so was going to be tight, anyway – feel that adrenaline pumping again? so actually just found out recently doing 70ish in a 55 zone – think part of it  no good way to get there interstate wise from here – have to go way out of the way either north or south to pick one up and he used to driving on them at their speeds; can’t handle them little back country roads and them little back country towns, though he should remember when his mom did that one time on a trip she made (yes, me) wasn’t speeding – at least not at that speed – but still a speed trap, but anyway…got that ticket that he then didn’t pay, which led to all the other down the road stemming though, again, from a law change, job change, move, being known, etc., here we go and of all the days, etc. and so forth 

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Job Ups and Downs and The Birthday

Feel like trying to play catch up again – posted about son’s losing his job over all the stuff that happened and it being a favor, in a way, which it was, somewhat, at the time, but then came the time after everything that happened that it was time to get back in gear – oh, maybe not  in the grieving, mourning sense and that’s a whole other topic and issue but somewhat for the way I’ve slanted this at least for now, financially, it needed to happen for us, although in this time frame since other things have happened but that’s another issue as well; anyway hub told son he needed to try to get back to work so…first think thought he’d found an automotive position but turned to actually be at a car crushing facility – automotive recycling, they call it now; by now, today, just pointed out to hub they’ve put one in just down the road from the house, which, in all of that, he’d applied for a position at an actually automotive repair shop just down the road from there, which I wish I’d looked at/for today, but it was a small, independent shop and I believe it may be gone already; seems he had a buddy on down the road from there but seemingly because it was small and independent and interesting, somewhat a whole manager concept or maybe just old school hitting new one, he wanted him to be already certified, maybe because he wasn’t and you pretty much now have to have somebody involved who is, and since he’s not quite yet; really can’t be quite yet, needed that yrs. experience after school in order to even be able to test for it, he couldn’t get that position but working at an “auto recycler” is not the place to be able to qualify either and after almost getting hit by one of those engines they were taking out and not telling him like they were supposed to; they seemed to be the type like this deputy the other day who shot someone in Wal-mart but that, too, is another story; and also they were supposed to work with him on his school, which at the time, he was supposed to still be trying to work out – even though seems he found out couldn’t quite anyway but they told him then after he started they couldn’t be accommodating his school even though it was only to allow him to come in to work just an hour late, but no…so when that happened plus he got sick because they had him out in the hot sun all day, which they hadn’t told or shown him before would be the way it would be so wound up in the ER over that plus is that where he got the metal in his eye? so that needed to be the end of that; not sure which way it went, but not good except good in some ways for it to be over.

Now he then did get a job at an actual automotive repair shop where he was supposed to have the supervision he’s supposed to have in order to be able to test for his certification but again, what was promised ahead of time was not what was delivered after; he was “thrown”, if you will, out to work on vehicles on his own, in any type of situation, not of all of which he had the experience to handle on his own and not getting the help that he needed or was promised; they didn’t have time and if he couldn’t handle it maybe he didn’t need to be working there and maybe he didn’t, but he’s not the one who misrepresented; they were, and then came the fateful day of what would have been our little one’s first birthday, which was a hard day for him, anyway; maybe that’s where the pushing to start too soon came from, which leads to whole other issues regarding the whole financial situation, but between all of that and the job situation there he wound up leaving a customer’s car out of gear and it getting out of control at the shop; not sure who took care of it, don’t think it actually hit anything but could have been really bad so….not quite as bad as could be, didn’t actually get fired, don’t come back ever but….think need to go home till can handle it, so…..but, again, maybe a favor, because, again, like said, not good situation really anyway, not what or where he needed to be yet, anyway, not just because of that but because of their, unacknowledged, misrepresentation – new management had already fired all the old staff and was trying to start over and build the business back up so really wasn’t in a position to do what he needed to have done but again the pressure to get a job may have contributed to him possibly misrepresenting himself, not that he would have said he was certified but he’s always the type to inspire confidence that, attribute-wise anyway, he can do the job, which, had they done their part like they said and possibly under other circumstances, had that date not happened just when it did, he could have but not then so…..

But, again, maybe a favor, because then he found a job more suitable to where he was at the time – he even told them up front the situation and circumstances and they worked with him, not that that really had to be that much at that job; it just didn’t have all the variations anyway so he could work more steadily on one type of thing and get that experience under his belt and not have to deal with the stress of being stretched to his limits every day so…job gain – good thing – leading to the next situation

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Court all Dismissed

oh, you didn’t know there was any court – well, maybe because I haven’t posted in a while so…first, just some housekeeping – my dad passed away January 7, so… while hub on his way up to out of state where I already was turns out they’d changed a law that now you no longer have to be doing anything else to get stopped for not wearing a seat belt or some other things either or maybe not, maybe just the deputies are doing it, you know, the ones that know you anyway and don’t like you; well, glad I hadn’t already posted this because just found out today had my intersections wrong so does fit; son was just still up here on this mountain at this 4-way, where they know him, although his last incident was down in the valley, so…anyway not the one down there…when they stopped him, on his way to work, his new job,  for the no seat belt, but not sure if I’ve posted about his speeding ticket incident (I’ll look) coming back from GA having gone over there to get a personal part for his old boss and trying to get to class on time but more to the point forgetting(?) about it or at least not paying it – which, after this, believe me, when he got that big tax refund, he did take care of it, although not really sure he should have had to but then again he knew he had class that night but he ended up not gaining anything; took the extra money he made doing it for the ticket….so when they ran him they found a warrant for his arrest for not going to court over there, which, being in a different state, never thought about it being a big deal; however, it’s a border state so…..took him in, but somehow, even though normally you don’t see a judge that quick he talked them into it, maybe…anyway saw one, told him he had wife, child to support, job he’d just started – although his coworkers told his boss even if he had to stay for 3 mos., which is how long he’d been told he might have to sit there waiting on them to come get him, that they take their time, that they couldn’t fire him, they needed him, he was that good – something to be thankful for – but couldn’t afford to, was told – by the judge? – when who? stuck the waiver of extradition papers under his nose, to then not sign them, so he didn’t, so somehow, somebody? contacted GA – had to get the judge at home? I understand – they couldn’t even find the warrant in their system? – got the ok to be bonded out from here/there/local anyway and be on his way with a court date for an extradition hearing – so hub pulled off the interstate to a Wal-mart, did a Wal-mart to Wal-mart money transfer for dil to go to the local one, pick it up, and get him out so he could go on to work

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Divorce to Job

But, no, not son, the manager – turns out went to court the day he threatened to send everybody home – again – after business picking back up – if it ever really went down, possibly, turns out – not sure how main boss finds out everything – but he said to get everybody back in there – so….even on the day of son’s court – another post – he went on in to work first before taking off at noon to meet wife – because….other post – for court. He needs to learn to keep his personal life separate

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Certification vs Degree

Know it’s been a while; lot has happened, not the least of which is that through a lot of circumstances, middle son of last post re school changed jobs which put a crunch in the whole school thing anyway so ended up not going this semester anyway, so none of all the last ended up mattering after all. Does turn out that new job does have a master technician officially as overseer who can sign off on his ASE certification exams, which had turned out that the old job didn’t have after all we found out after all that had happened; no signs up indicating, which we hadn’t noticed before – should have – took seeing them on the outside of the shop next door to think about – which should have noticed those earlier as well but as long as things going well plus everything else going on just hadn’t. The master technician at this job is not onsite full-time; he has two other places he oversees as well, which is part of why we hadn’t been sure here either as well for a while because it hadn’t seemed as if the onsite manager knew as much as son did but then we’ve found out the manager doesn’t actually have to; that’s what they have the techs for; however, the master overseer told son if he took and passed his ASE exams he’d reimburse him, so he’s set up to take those this month or next, then just as business seemingly has slowed down, while just lately it had seemed it had really picked up such that he was having to work over; I think possibly they’ve looked at their payroll and things aren’t working out so they’re needing to rebalance their books, so they’re now cutting hours; I think just needs to be looked at as one of those feast over famine, that when things are going well and you’re bringing in good checks need to balance that out that not only it’s not going to stay that way but it’s also not going to just go back to square one but will be cut to balance so need to do it yourself as well but not sure they have so not sure where that’s going to leave things, especially with what they did do with their tax refund, which, yes, they did get another big one this year one thing especially since they were still able to claim their other little girl from last year like they did last year even though they didn’t have her all year last year (if anybody remembers what happened; not that she was taken away and given to someone else), as in paying their rent up some ahead of time but that’s over and this coming up month is when it is going to be due again, although, found rather interesting, landlord themselves forgot and called them up first of this month to ask when they were going to pay it and had to be reminded; just glad it wasn’t an issue when they did, but otoh, son does seem to have been endeavoring to put money back, so guess maybe has had to have been out of these good paychecks, for the upcoming rent, in spite of dear wife seemingly not really understanding and keeping coming up with things she needs/wants to use it for, which, some of it, true enough, is legitimate, but then rent is as well, but that’s another issue, so guess we’ll see how it goes now. How well prepared they’ll be for other things or if need be with the cuts but the real point being her first solution is him getting another job, which, true enough, he’ll have time to see but the certification might still be an issue and he still has that offer on the table even now, so still might behoove him to endeavor to hang in there till he gets that done; again, guess we’ll see.

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Pomperipossa in Monismania.


wow – by the author of Pippi Longstocking

Originally posted on Len Bilén's blog:

Pomperipossa in Monismania

In the form of a fairy tale, the famous Swedish author of books for children Astrid Lindgren described how she, a Sole Proprietor was forced to pay a tax of 102% of her income.

What follows is a free translation of the famous publication, which was published in the Swedish evening tabloid  Expressen  on March 3, 1976. (For the purpose of comparison, one 1976 krona is roughly equivalent to one 2012 U.S. Dollar)

I am going to tell  you a fairy tale. It is of a woman; let us call her Pomperipossa, which is a good name to call someone in fairy tales. She lived in a land that we call Monismania, for we have to name it something.

 Pomperipossa loved  her county, its forests, mountains, lakes, and green groves, and not only that, she also loved the people living there. And even the wise men that…

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