Certification vs Degree

Know it’s been a while; lot has happened, not the least of which is that through a lot of circumstances, middle son of last post re school changed jobs which put a crunch in the whole school thing anyway so ended up not going this semester anyway, so none of all the last ended up mattering after all. Does turn out that new job does have a master technician officially as overseer who can sign off on his ASE certification exams, which had turned out that the old job didn’t have after all we found out after all that had happened; no signs up indicating, which we hadn’t noticed before – should have – took seeing them on the outside of the shop next door to think about – which should have noticed those earlier as well but as long as things going well plus everything else going on just hadn’t. The master technician at this job is not onsite full-time; he as two other places he oversees as well, which is part of why we hadn’t been sure here either as well for a while because it hadn’t seemed as if the onsite manager knew as much as son did but then we’ve found out the manager don’t actually have to; that’s what they have the techs for; however, the master overseer told son if he took and passed his ASE exams he’d reimburse him, so he’s set up to take those this month or next, then just as business seemingly as slowed down, while just lately it had seemed it had really picked up such that he was having to work over; I think possibly they’ve looked at their payroll and things aren’t working out so they’re needing to rebalance their books, so they’re now cutting hours; I think just needs to be looked at as one of those feast over famine, that when things are going well and you’re bringing in good checks need to balance that out that not only it’s not going to stay that way but it’s also not going to just go back to square one but will be cut to balance so need to do it yourself as well but not sure they have so not sure where that’s going to leave things, especially with what they did do with their tax refund, which, yes, they did get another big one this year one thing especially since they were still able to claim their other little girl from last year like they did last year even though they didn’t have her all year last year (if anybody remembers what happened; not that she was taken away and given to someone else), as in paying their rent up some ahead of time but that’s over and this coming up month is when it was going to be due again, although, found rather interesting, landlord themselves forgot and called them up first of this month to ask when they were going to pay it and had to be reminded; just glad it wasn’t an issue when they did, but otoh, son does seem to have been endeavoring to put money back, so guess maybe has had to have been out of these good paychecks, for the upcoming rent, in spite of dear wife seemingly not really understanding and keeping coming up with things she needs/wants to use it for, which, some of it, true enough, is legitimate, but then rent is as well, but that’s another issue, so guess we’ll see how it goes now. How well prepared they’ll be for other things or if need be with the cuts but the real point being her first solution is him getting another job, which, true enough, he’ll have time to see but the certification might still be an issue and he still has that offer on the table even now, so still might behoove him to endeavor to hang in there till he gets that done; again, guess we’ll see.

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Pomperipossa in Monismania.


wow – by the author of Pippi Longstocking

Originally posted on Len Bilén's blog:

Pomperipossa in Monismania

In the form of a fairy tale, the famous Swedish author of books for children Astrid Lindgren described how she, a Sole Proprietor was forced to pay a tax of 102% of her income.

What follows is a free translation of the famous publication, which was published in the Swedish evening tabloid  Expressen  on March 3, 1976. (For the purpose of comparison, one 1976 krona is roughly equivalent to one 2012 U.S. Dollar)

I am going to tell  you a fairy tale. It is of a woman; let us call her Pomperipossa, which is a good name to call someone in fairy tales. She lived in a land that we call Monismania, for we have to name it something.

 Pomperipossa loved  her county, its forests, mountains, lakes, and green groves, and not only that, she also loved the people living there. And even the wise men that…

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Battling the College

Middle son started back to college/technical school first semester (winter/spring – whichever you call it) last year after having gone while still in high school then being out for several years, during which time the school went from being strictly a tech school to becoming an accredited full fledged community college while still having technical programs but dropping their diploma programs for them, which, while he probably didn’t really know or realize he’d declared that as his option, was what he was in, probably because I either did it for him or that’s the way it had to be with him being still in high school, but now he could either get just a “measly” “little” certificate, which actually might be okay, or go for a degree, which of course is what they encourage and is what he did, at least in part because that’s the only thing that WIA would pay for,  so he’s pretty much finished up all his technical courses, with one exception of one course that he supposedly skipped over and seemingly under the old tech school rules would therefore get credit for but not under the new community college accreditation rules so he thought he signed up to take it this next semester and then finally take his one required math course that he started last fall then dropped out of with everything going on but then missed early registration (would be nice if they’d notify you) so both of its sessions filled up and then finally take the orientation course you’re supposed to take when you start (like younger son took as a jump start course – a mini seminar technically right before school officially started and which caused problems, at least for him, not sure about the others he took it with) but didn’t have to when he started since he started while he was still in high school then when he started back he wasn’t technically starting at the beginning of the program so it seemingly apparently was overlooked that he hadn’t had it so should take it along with the graduation orientation course you take as you’re getting ready to graduate. But those graduation courses are only 1 credit hour each so those 4 courses don’t add up to a full 12 hr. load so he talked to his WIA guy, because it requires him to go full-time but also that all his classes be part of his degree program and he told him to talk to the WIA person at the school, which, in doing, they at least at first told him he had the credit already for his math class; they showed he’d passed it and made an A, so weren’t sure if his teacher just went ahead and did that for him because of the extenuating circumstances, so they were going to try to contact her to see but then apparently not but also he’d missed signing up for it but now they’ve opened up another session (that also happened with youngest son as well) that he’d better get there first thing to get signed up for before this one fills up as well but then also because of his gap in school and the change they’d made from tech to community, turns out they’d doubled their courses on their degree plan, as in having them down twice and not realizing it so were having him down as needing more classes than, as they began to realize it, that they began to say he did, as in that automotive but also the one he’d signed up for turned out to be the one he just had this semester so not offering it this next semester so now seemingly things have just switched from taking the automotive and not the math this next semester to now taking the math and not the automotive but now they’re saying he may not have to take it after all, that he may be able to get the credit for it, so….but now none of this resolves the issue of whether WIA will pay or not but we’d already talked about just having to bite the bullet and pay for – well, we were talking about just the math but then now it would have to be the orientation ones as well – them out of pocket. And then will have to see about the Pell Grant. So see what tomorrow brings with that…

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And Then They Blew It

Yep, when the field examiner turned in the paperwork changing dad’s address, which, did it matter anyway; he wasn’t getting a paper check before; whoever put it in the computer put my street address, his city and state and my zip code; now we caught that at the bank, when I finally got there, after finally getting a new duplicate driver’s license (after letting mine get thrown away after it getting dropped in a grocery bag after using it to verify a check, which I’d had to write after having to get a new debit card after the same thing happening to it basically and not getting it authorized yet to keep it from being overused,  after the bank had to have a “valid” one, like I’ve really changed that much that they couldn’t tell who I was by my old one, after turning out that the tag office right there in town, like ours, but unlike it in the sense that ours does driver’s licenses as well, that one doesn’t and by the time I could get to one or the other of the closest ones that does, since they’re neither one that close, wouldn’t be able to get there and back before the bank would close, so had to just let it go then and then the next day when I wound up at yet another driver’s license office, to get my dil her first in-state ID, it had to be done at the state office, which required a social security card, which, like the good citizen I am, don’t carry with me, so still couldn’t get it then, until finally could get a chance to get down to my closest office, which is right down the road but seemed to be the hardest to get to; anyway caught at the bank but didn’t tell that too late for the check that they said would have to be mailed this month – duh – just said should be mailed by the end of the month since the first was over the weekend and even really should be mailed early, really? with it being Thanksgiving week or maybe because of that – so should get early the next week/month, although later told whole point was to get by the end before that weekend – ok, fine, most bills – though had forgotten one – not due for another week anyway so everything should be good, except, didn’t come and didn’t come, until when finally checked that’s when found out gone ahead and sent to the wrong address, so where or where did it go? could have come on since had right zip code and could have come on to my little personal post office, in which case, would come on especially since now they’re looking for it and will call me if/when it comes, maybe still yet tomorrow although really should definitely be here by now for sure if so unless pulled at the big place and either sent to their Return to Sender hub or sent to city and state on it, where there is no such valid address there, in which case, here we go again, it would be pulled and either sent to their Return to Sender hub or sent down here, but at least in this case, she says we’re not the only one; she’s had a lot of strange government/military stuff coming in and having to be rerouted so she’s basically just sent them all to the RtS hub since hasn’t really had time to pull and sort them all individually, especially right now with holiday mail starting – anybody say Christmas cards? – so then possibly waiting for it to be sent back to sender – can you say U.S. Dept. of Treasury? but have to say rather impressed with their system – they have a special department just for lost checks rather easy to get to talk to a real person there who seems to have real live common sense; was so upset when found out they’d been given bogus address and seem to be willing to do whatever takes to get this straightened out; they just have to get it back but they said the same thing I was told the first time by the VA, that their supervisor has the authority to stop payment on it before that point even though the supervisor herself today told me she doesn’t, that they have to have the authority from the Treasury; not sure but Treasury lady said they – the VA – tells everybody that and she doesn’t know why because not so and told me to call them back then get her on conference and we all talk together and get this straightened, so again, see what tomorrow brings…. 

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Road Man Showed Up

When we saw the bulldozer go by decided we oughta go see what was going on; would sure hate for the neighbors up the hill to have hired the guy to work on the road, expecting us to pay our portion, without telling us, so headed to see about it. Was glad at least it was the guy we’d had do our driveway 4 years ago; guess shouldn’t be surprised; the neighbor’d just looked at and commented on how well it’s held up, besides the fact that all the “high-falutin” contractors they’d wanted to hire were – either too busy with their own projects, such as their subdivisions they’re building or - we’re still just too beneath their radar for them to want to come so charged a ridiculously expensive price and this one’s just glad to be working; he’s not trying to be somebody fancy. But did turn out he had been hired to do just the hill and down to our driveway where it splits off the road, the part they’re responsible for, at least as long as we don’t move our driveway and start using that part, which considering how steep it is and how hard to keep up, not sure we want to get into dealing with that and when asked about the rest of it said waiting on our neighbor on the other side, who is also a road contractor who at least used to spend most of his time building roads for the fancy subdivisions of the people even fancier than the other guy who’s trying to build his own, where these people hired people like him to do theirs. Anyway, he’s basically been keeping ours graded for quite some time while bringing in gravel and sod for his own projects that the other neighbor’s been wanting him to use on the road – at no charge or course; since he has it just sitting around,not using it, since he’d had to start being busy being on the road trucking with the economic downturn while the other neighbor was able to – or had to - take early retirement from his job but fortunately got out with his investment/retirement intact so he has both the money and the time but not the expertise – even though he does have a small tractor with a blade – to work on the road but he just thinks this other neighbor who’s still having to work to make a living – wonder if the fact that the one has kids and the one doesn’t might have something to do with it – anyway, thinks he should take care of the road even though the other one uses more of it; he did buy a truck to handle but not his wife who actually lived here first with her first husband; she’s probably the one who’s putting him up to it because she’s probably really the one who doesn’t want to spend the money on either the road or a suitable vehicle even though she’s the one who’s still working as well; her mother used to take care of it and since she passed away she hasn’t done anything and actually they’re really the cause of the other neighbor not wanting to do anymore because of issues they had in the past but at least they were willing to put their money where their mouth was but not her, so we’ve just been limping along, until possibly now….except no, they haven’t really talked to him particularly about this, as in actually presenting him with a quote/estimate from this road contractor and a expectation of his part, not that it will probably do any good anyway, which they probably know. He can take care of his part, which leaves us right where we were the first time this happened, only that time they were “kind”? enough to allow us to use their part where they did use what they at least at that time claimed was their right of way/easement, which has since been somewhat disproved or at least it’s been somewhat claimed by the other neighbors and they’ve taken the part the others used before and put in a pond so that won’t work this time but then since then of course is when the work was done on the part that’s still there that’s allowed them to do that but that part’s never been done right; it’s been left out; it’s been either the part behind up on that hill or the part before up on the level after you get to the top of that hill, leaving this hill left out, so….he’s been trying to tell them what really needs to be done, he didn’t want to just do it halfway and it not hold up and either have to be redone or be right back where we are now, which is still way better than it had gotten to at that point, so….it will cost quite a bit of money, which should have been spent before all this economy downturn, when they had it as well, even though he would do the work itself gratis but they didn’t want to spend their part then or maybe not even now, not sure how much money and/or work they’re actually really wanting done, not sure if they’ve actually gotten a price/quote from this road contractor; thought might find out this afternoon but got caught up in other monetary issues that didn’t work out so….see about that as well, as well as the more immediate situations, so….see what tomorrow brings

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Check turned in

Finally got the check turned in; that class taken care of but apparently they bill for the year as a whole even though, as a new freshman, he can’t even register for next semester until this next week since they already have him down as having a bill due already, just on hold until he gets now his new money.

Which, also, along those lines, older son finally decided to make it down to the WIA office and get his stuff turned in for his next – and possibly last – semester

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The Ghosts of Thanksgivings Past

Dil’s family would have the big get-together for Thanksgiving so she feels that’s the way you’re supposed to do it as well while we’ve actually had issues with our family getting together anymore after dh’s father passed away and then his mother remarried; we just for the first time got everybody together this year for the 4th of July at their house; have had some earlier at restaurants but nothing with everybody at the house since so first couple of years we went to my parents, taking them the first time – well, according to younger son, which reminds me of me remembering things that my parents have no idea what I’m talking about because that’s the way dh and I feel about this; we have no recollection of this at all but since I know from experience that sometimes things stick with the kids more than they do you I’m willing to concede this, maybe I took them but they brought them back while I believe I must have stayed to take my mom to the doctor (which is probably somewhere in here) anyway,  which put them close to her family as well, but even at my parents it’s still just us and them, so still not big extended family so they would get together with her family first but  - like you talking about - no real feeling of Thanksgiving but then never was with dh’s family either before; think may be different with new hub -  but even beyond that there’s drama with somebody getting into it; yes, even physically so that by the time they’d get to our place she wouldn’t even feel like being with us although she’s since told us she just felt uncomfortable – maybe because we don’t have all the drama? – since she didn’t really know us that well – they were married before we had that first Thanksgiving – then the next one were other issues by then and by the next one mom was gone as well so that put a whole other twist on things since we were trying to keep dad from being by himself and thought they were going to be with dh’s family until we were on our way to dad’s and got a phone call nixing everything so it ended up being just them by themselves that year with a new baby besides so the next year is when we  tried the restaurant thing, which I didn’t really mind but didn’t really feel like enough for her, so much so they didn’t even show up, so learned from that she does really want it to be at somebody’s house; to her that’s what Thanksgiving’s about, so much so that last year (long story) when I wasn’t even able to be here she came and fixed for the rest; that turned out pretty nice. So really in spite of what I started off to say, not sure we’ve really had Thanksgiving with them yet.

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